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Common fibromyalgia misdiagnosis

Maryland residents should be aware that fibromyalgia is a commonly misdiagnosed medical condition. Fibromyalgia is non-specific and widespread pain that is associated with overactive nerves. Since widespread pain and fatigue can be caused by a wide variety of conditions, fibromyalgia can be difficult to diagnose accurately.

According to a medical expert, a diagnosis of fibromyalgia should only be given after the physician has exhausted other likely causes of the pain and fatigue. Three broad categories of diseases have symptoms very similar to true fibromyalgia. These are non-fibromyalgia medical conditions, musculoskeletal conditions and metabolic disorders. A doctor may need to run a wide variety of tests to rule out these other conditions as the cause of symptoms.

Just how effective are Maryland's highway safety laws?

Last week, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, a vehicle safety group whose stated mission is the "adoption of federal and state laws, policies and programs that prevent motor vehicle crashes," released a rather eye-opening report grading the 50 states and the District of Columbia on the efficacy of their highway safety laws.

Specifically, the report gave those states with the highest number of vehicle safety laws a green rating, states with important vehicle safety laws on the books, but room for improvement, a yellow rating, and states dangerously behind on their adoption of vehicle safety laws a red rating.

When a patient falls, is it medical malpractice?


Patients who are elderly or recovering from surgery or illness are prone to falls. Their frail health or weakened condition increases not only the likelihood of falling but the severity of injuries.

Depending on the circumstances, a fall in a hospital or nursing home may be grounds for a medical malpractice or negligence lawsuit. If a loved one is badly injured in a falling accident -- or has unexplained bruises or fractures -- consult an attorney who can explore legal action.


Preventing workplace falls is in everyone's interests


Falling accidents are among the most costly for employers in terms of missed work. It is probably no coincidence that three of the top OSHA violations involve ladders, scaffolds and fall protection equipment.

Everyone wins when management and employees adhere to safety regulations. Liberty Mutual Insurance has ranked the Top 10 worst work injuries. Are your working conditions putting you at risk of a disabling workplace accident?


Could hackers turn our cars and trucks into remote-controlled "toys"?


It's one of those science fiction scenarios that is not so far-fetched. Everything on modern vehicles is run by computer. Many of those different parts and devices are wirelessly connected. And those connections are not always secure.

Experts worry that hackers - from terrorists to teenagers - could essentially hijack a moving motor vehicle, turning it into a giant remote-controlled toy. A big truck could be a powerful agent of destruction, and trucks may be most vulnerable to hacking because they are more extensively networked.

Industry experts and government regulators are attuned to the potential safety issues, especially at the dawn of self-driving vehicles. Hopefully, they are engineering security systems and failsafes to prevent access by outside parties.


What exactly are temporary partial disability benefits?

If a worker suffers any sort of serious work-related injury that will keep them sidelined for any amount of time, they naturally have very pressing concerns about how they will make up for the time away. After all, the bank won't stop seeking to collect the mortgage payment, the power company won't just keep the power on for free and the food in the cupboards won't magically replenish itself.

The good news for people in this situation is that the Maryland Workers' Compensation Act indicates that qualifying injured workers are entitled to several different types of work comp benefits depending upon their circumstances.

Truckers face serious consequences for distracted driving

From fines to lawsuits to loss of employment, truck drivers risk serious consequences if they are found guilty of distracted driving. Regulations enacted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration prohibit over-the-road truckers from using handheld mobile phones while driving, including texting. Texting while driving is against the law in the state of Maryland.

Truckers who ignore the law may one day find that the few seconds in which their attention wanders are enough to cause a horrific accident. Hopefully, law enforcement or the employer intervenes before such a tragedy occurs, even it means that the truck driver loses his or her livelihood.


Play it safe around electrical equipment

With great (electrical) power comes great responsibility

Electrical hazards are among the potential dangers encountered on a construction site. Workers (and visitors) may be exposed to serious events such as fire, explosions or arc flash accidents, causng electric shock injuries, electrical burns and even electrocution death.

Safe work practices and awareness will go a long way toward preventing accidents and serious injury, along with using protective equipment and maintaining your electrical tools properly.


Study: Truckers' poor health elevates accident risk

Ask anyone who currently works as a long-distance commercial truck driver or who has previously held this position about the physical demands of the job, and they will more than likely have much to share with you.

The simple reality is that the tight delivery deadlines, long hours behind the wheel, unrelenting work schedule, deficient sleeping conditions and dearth of nutritious meal choices can all take a very real toll on a trucker's health very quickly. Indeed, it's not uncommon for truckers to develop major health issues or a host of minor ones.

AAA study examines whether Indian Head Highway's reputation is deserved

If you were to ask any resident of Prince George's County to identify which major thoroughfares had the best overall traffic levels or best served as a shortcut from Point A to Point B, chances are good that you'd receive a host of different answers from area residents eager to demonstrate their knowledge of local roadways.

If you were to ask which major thoroughfares in the county were the most dangerous, however, chances are also good that you would receive a near universal response: Maryland 210.

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