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What do the rules of professional conduct have to say about competence?

When a person makes the decision to retain the services of an attorney to handle a particular issue -- from an estate plan or employment agreement to a divorce or a DWI -- they understandably assume -- and rightly expect -- a certain level of competence.

Do you believe that your attorney committed legal malpractice?

When you hire a Maryland lawyer to represent you, you expect that he or she will be competent and have your best interests in mind. Unfortunately, not all attorneys live up to their responsibilities. If the evidence supports it, a legal malpractice claim could be filed in order to seek restitution for the damages caused by the attorney.

Understanding your options when faced with attorney misconduct - II

In a previous post, we discussed that while we, as a society, hold attorneys in high regard owing to their education and training, we also expect them to handle our legal issues -- from divorces and DUI charges to trusts and truck accidents -- with the necessary diligence and dedication.

Understanding your options when faced with attorney misconduct

There are certain professions that we, as a society, hold in high regard owing to the education and training required, and the complexity of the work performed. While physicians certainly fall into this category, so do attorneys, whom we rely on to handle an array of matters from car accidents and divorces to estate planning and criminal charges, to name only a few.

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