Nerve Injuries And Bowel/Bladder Perforation

Nerves are fragile and it is easy to damage them by applying too much pressure, stretching or cutting. Similarly, bowel and bladder perforations can easily occur during medical procedures or due to post-operative complications. If injury occurs to nerves, the bowel or the bladder, it can be the result of surgical error or other medical negligence.

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Common Symptoms And Causes

Nerve damage can stop signals to and from the brain, causing a range of symptoms including:

  • Permanent or temporary loss of feeling
  • Paralysis or loss of motor function
  • Seizures
  • Scars or deformities

Common causes of nerve damage are misuse of surgical tools, prolonged overpressure, improper patient positioning or incorrect administration of anesthesia.

Bowel and bladder perforation injuries are also most often caused by trauma during a medical procedure, such as a colonoscopy or vaginal mesh implant surgery. They can also result from complications after a procedure, including vaginal mesh erosion, chronic inflammation or severe intestinal blockage (or constipation).

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