More Than 20 Years Of Advocating For Victims Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Hundreds of traffic accidents occur every day in Maryland. The vast majority of people suffer minor injuries or only property damage. But when the injuries are more serious, it has a ripple effect on all facets of your life.

Belsky Weinberg & Horowitz, LLC, can represent you in your personal injury claims after an accident. Our legal team will help you deal with the insurance adjusters and medical billing issues while we are building a case for your full compensation. Our thorough approach and reputation as trial lawyers helps us negotiate good settlements without dragging clients into needless litigation. When there is no choice but to go to court, we are fully prepared to present a compelling case to the jury.

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What Caused The Accident? Who Pays For Your Losses?

We have the resources and experience to oversee a prompt and professional investigation to preserve evidence, locate witnesses and identify the liable parties. Our methods have yielded verdicts and settlements by zeroing in on the key elements in the case at hand:

While the initial focus is on the negligence of the other driver, auto accident compensation may ultimately come down to your our insurance policy. We have been very successful in getting policy limits in uninsured/underinsured motorist claims when the other driver is not adequately covered.

We explore all theories of liability to maximize the recovery of damages our clients need for serious and perhaps life-changing injuries:

  • Mechanical failure — Claims against the automobile manufacturer or a negligent auto repair shop
  • Roadway defects — Claims against government entities or road construction firms for potholes, obstructions, detours or other road hazards
  • Flying debris — Accidents involving goods falling off of freight trucks or pickups, parts falling off, trucks kicking up high-velocity rocks
  • Roadside accidents — Injuries to drivers and passengers who are awaiting help in their parked cars or outside their vehicle, from other cars that veer onto the shoulder
  • Emergency vehicles — Collisions involving ambulances, police cars and rescue vehicles that are speeding, running stop signs and traffic lights or otherwise being reckless

We Are Here To Help With Everything

Although we deal with motor vehicle accidents on a daily basis, we do not forget that this is traumatizing and life-changing for you and your family. We are here to answer your questions and assist with legal matters while we are pursuing your accident compensation.

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