Reopening A Case For Worsening Conditions

Sometimes during the course of a workers' compensation case, it is difficult for medical professionals to predict what will happen with your injuries. You may receive temporary disability benefits and medical coverage, but then experience a worsening of your injury or condition. In these circumstances, it would be a mistake to assume you cannot apply for further coverage.

Belsky Weinberg & Horowitz, LLC, in Baltimore, Maryland, is dedicated to representing clients who have been injured on the job. Our firm represents people in all industries, from construction and industrial workers to employees in a corporate office setting. We have successfully represented injured workers for a variety of claims, including reopening a case for worsening conditions related to a work injury.

Helping You Obtain The Extended Benefits You Need

In many cases of this type, the first step is to reassess the extent of your injuries to determine what type of benefits you need. Whether you need temporary disability benefits extended in order to fully recover or need permanent disability benefits, our attorneys will fight to help you obtain the amount of coverage you deserve.

Our team will advocate on your behalf with your employer and the insurance companies, allowing you to focus on treatment and recovery. We have an extensive understanding of workers' compensation law, and a good reputation among our peers and area courts.

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