Baltimore Sun Reports on St. Joseph’s Patients Receiving Stents Improperly

Published on Jan 14, 2010 at 3:06 pm in General Blogs.

The malpractice department at Belsky, Weinberg & Horowitz is handling a number ofclaims against St. Joseph’s Hospital in Towson for the acts of one of its prior physicians, Mark Midei, M.D., an interventional cardiologist, for improperly inserting cardiac stents into patients who did not need them. After receiving a patient complaint, the hospital conducted an internal audit, comparing angiography films of patients taken intraoperatively to determine whether the reported occlusion was consistent with the visual occlusion. In more than 350 cases, the hospital determined the occlusion did not warrant stenting, although stenting was in fact performed.

The Baltimore Sun reported on the story this morning. The story indicates that a federal investigation is ongoing and that the hospital believes it may have responsibility for claims brought by patients who have received the letter. The hospital is now waiting for the lawyers handling these claims to notify them of their representation and the nature and extent of their clients’ injuries.

Although Belsky, Weinberg & Horowitz is handling these claims, we are taken a very cautious and methodical approach to dealing with our clients’ needs. Our first concern is that our clients get the cardiac re-evaluations they need to gain piece of mind about their health. No amount of money will return a person’s good health. Our job is to ensure that before any settlements are reached or demands are made, that our clients understand completely the nature and extent of their cardiac conditions, and that we understand the short term and long term consequences of having a stent implanted that cannot be removed and is unnecessary. Many people are or were taking Plavix, and the stents themselves release anti-clotting medications into the bloodstream. It is also known that people who have stents are more prone to developing additional blockages at the situs of the stent. These are all issues that we are dealing with and have engaged cardiology experts to advise us on and consult with our clients.

Please read the Sun article and contact us should you have further questions.



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