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Senate Democrat Ben Nelson Provides 60th Vote Almost Ensuring Passage of National Health Care Reform

In a stunning development on Saturday, Senator Bill Nelson (D. Neb.) agreed to support the health reform bill after speaking earlier this week to his local public radio station that he would not support the bill. This all but ensures passage of the most sweeping reform that has been attempted for nearly 40 years. Lots of concessions were made by Democrats involving abortion coverage and gave Sen. Nelson's state of Nebraska special extended health coverage for the citizens in his state. This is unfortunately how politics works. What concerns us as plaintiffs' lawyers is a provision that creates a task group to deal with malpractice reform measures. This open ended goal could lead to reforms unfavorable to plaintiffs and lawyers. Although Obama has spoken against caps on noneconomic awards, one never knows what effect politics may have on his spoken commitment. The lawyers at Belsky, Weinberg & Horowitz are watching these developments and will do our best to convince our legislators to vote against malpractice reform.

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