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Towson cardiologist under investigation for unnecessary stenting procedures

A former cardiologist with a large, well-known Cardiovascular Groupin Baltimore is under investigation for performing unneeded and unnecessary stenting procedures upon patients who did not clinically require stenting based on test results. If you have received a letter from St. Joseph's Medical Center about their investigation and findings, you should contact an attorney at once. Stenting of vessels, especially unnecessarily so, can increase the risk of cardiac complications and may result in the need for unnecessary lifetime medical treatment and care. Stents typically cannot be removed once placed and may require intake of Plavix or other anti-clotting medications for the patient's lifetime. Stents also increase the risk of re-clotting in the area of the stent. If unnecessarily placed, a stent may significantly increase a patient's risk despite the absence of heart disease.

If you have been subjected to a stenting procedure at St. Joseph's Medical Center and have received a letter from the institution, please contact Belsky, Weinberg & Horowitz at 410-234-0100. We have been retained to investigate claims against this cardiologist and would be happy to speak with you about your potential health issues and possible legal recourse.

This blog in no way is intended to suggest that St. Josephs Medical Center is in any way responsible for the alleged acts of the cardiologist.

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