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October 2013 Archives

Top Court Rules That Expert Certificate Not Necessary In Professional Malpractice Lawsuit That Didn't Name A Licensed Engineer

Statute with scales of justice.jpgUnder Maryland law, one of the requirements for taking a case alleging professional malpractice to court is that a certificate of a qualified expert must be filed. But, Maryland's top court recently narrowed the circumstances in which a certificate must be filed in a case that claimed negligence by an engineer who was not named as being licensed.

Lack of Board Certification Can't be Held Against A Doctor In Medical Malpractice Cases

Glasses with Scales charm.jpgBoard certification is an important credential for doctors. When searching for a physician, conventional wisdom is to find a medical practitioner who is board-certified. Many believe that it is a sign of higher medical competence; but, what happens when an attorney goes overboard in making sure that the qualifications of doctor who is not board-certified are given to the jury in a medical malpractice case?

New Jersey Court Opens Door to Liability for "Remote Texters" In Auto Accident, Maryland Not Expected to Follow

Cellphone in hand.jpgMaryland lawmakers continue to grapple with where to draw lines on texting while driving. In 2011, Free State politicians refined the "texting while driving laws" by putting into effect legislation imposing a $500 fine for glancing at a text message or an e-mail while at the wheel of a car. Previously, Maryland drivers were barred from writing text messages while negotiating traffic but allowed to read them.

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