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Trench collapse injuries 2 workers in Montgomery County

A harrowing trench collapse in Montgomery County has left two workers injured. The men were part of a crew working at a residence in Potomac. They were down in the trench and working on the home's foundation when the ground beneath them collapsed. One man was reportedly buried in wet mud up to his waist, and the other man was buried up to his shoulders.

Being buried up to the chest places immense pressure on the body. Bones and internal organs can be injured in such an accident. In this case, after another worker in the crew sought help, emergency responders arrived on the scene and were able to begin removing the heavy mud from around the workers. Rescue teams also pumped air into the trench and talked to the injured men while the operation was underway.

The accident happened at roughly 5 p.m., and the workers were pulled from the trench about three hours later. The men were taken to a hospital for treatment. The nature of their injuries was not indicated in a local report.

Serious construction accidents such as this one can leave workers not only with physical injuries, but also psychological ones. In addition to medical care and rehabilitation, injured workers may need counseling and vocational training after a terrifying work accident.

Employers in Maryland are required to carry workers' compensation insurance, which is meant to help workers receive the medical care they need while they recover from an injury. Our previous post on benefits and requirements discusses some bases you'll need to cover to maximize your claim.

Source: NBC Washington, "Two Workers Trapped in Potomac Trench Collapse," Aug. 15, 2014

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