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Is anyone in Maryland not covered by workers' compensation?

Many Maryland employees are eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits. However, there are circumstances where an individual may not be eligible for such benefits. Since many people in Maryland work for the federal government, it should be noted that a federal employee who is injured on-the-job is covered under the federal workers' compensation program.

For those not employed by the federal government, every state, including Maryland, has its own workers' compensation insurance program. Benefits can be received regardless of whether the injury was the fault of the employee or the employer -- except under certain conditions. If it is determined that an employee was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, that an injury was self-inflicted or that the employee was in violation of company policy or the law at the time he or she suffered the injury, benefits may be denied. Of course, only injuries that occurred while on the job are covered.

Certain individuals may not be eligible for benefits due to their employment classification or job. For instance, independent contractors and volunteers may not be eligible for benefits. Someone who works in an individual's home may not receive workers' compensation benefits, either. The owner of a business may not be covered. In addition, if an employee decides to sue his or her employer for the injuries he or she suffered, that worker may give up the right to receive benefits.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of reasons why someone may not receive benefits. Therefore, if for some reason you are injured on-the-job and denied workers' compensation benefits, a review of your case may be beneficial. Most of the time, benefits are provided without complications, but mistakes can be made that result in the denial of benefits.

Source: FindLaw, "Workers' Comp Benefits Explained", , Aug. 30, 2014

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