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Things to know about Maryland workers' comp disability benefits

The burdens of being seriously injured at work are enough without having to worry about gathering evidence and making a workers' compensation claim. If you have suffered a serious work-related injury, then your energy should be focused on obtaining proper medical care, rest and rehabilitation. A workers' comp attorney can meanwhile handle the claim process.

Sometimes people suffer disabling injuries in the course of their employment, and under the Maryland Workers' Compensation Act, disabling injuries are regarded either as temporary or permanent. Permanent disabilities are further categorized as permanent partial disabilities and permanent total disabilities. 

For a permanent partial disability, workers' compensation payments will continue for a period of time that varies, depending on which body part has been injured and how severe the injury is. After losing a little finger, for example, a worker should expect to receive workers' comp payments for 25 weeks. After the loss of a thumb, a worker should expect to receive payments for 100 weeks. In any case, your attorney can clarify your options and help maximize your compensation.

Under Maryland law, a disability is regarded as total and permanent if the worker loses or loses use of both of the following: legs, arms, hands, feet or eyes. If a worker loses a combination of separate limbs or eyes, then he or she will also be regarded as permanently and totally disabled.

The Workers' Compensation Commission has more on what kinds of injuries are covered.

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