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Fractures and broken bones result from bizarre police chase

A recent bizarre police chase in Maryland led to several injuries. In the course of the accident, three police officers and one person on a scooter were injured, with at least one suffering fractures and broken bones. The police were attempting to stop the man driving the scooter when, somehow, the two vehicles collided. The details of exactly how the collision occurred were not immediately clear. 

Law enforcement officers reportedly approached a group of dirt bike riders. As they approached, the group dispersed, reportedly without donning required safety equipment. One member of the group apparently jumped onto the back of a scooter operated by another person. 

The police still pursued the person on the scooter even though the person who fled the officers' approach was no longer a passenger. A law enforcement official was unsure why the chase continued, but indicated it was under further investigation. The injuries suffered by the man on the scooter may have been preventable, resulting from the unnecessary police chase. Supposedly, the order was given to stop the chase, yet the crash occurred moments later. 

The civilian who was injured may be the victim of the police force's reckless behavior. A witness stated that the victim was crying that his legs were hurt and it is possible that he sustained fractures and broken bones. This victim may be eligible for personal injury compensation for any medical expenses that were accumulated, as well as emotional pain and missed wages, if he can prove that his injuries resulted from negligence on the part of the Maryland law enforcement officials. 

Source:, "3 officers, 1 civilian hurt in police-involved crash", Nick Houser, Nov. 25, 2014

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