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Steel rod causes injuries to construction worker in Bethesda

It is no surprise that construction sites are dangerous. Construction workers are continuously handling heavy machinery and equipment and are exposed to work environments with high risks for injuries if safety gear is not worn or safety precautions are not taken. Often it is a good idea for workers to work in pairs or groups in case an injury happens and medical professionals need to be contacted.

In October, a man in his 40s fell from a ladder while working alone at a construction site in Montgomery County. Upon falling, the man was impaled by a steel rod that caused serious injuries. He was discovered by a passerby soon after falling.

The man had to be flown by helicopter to a Baltimore trauma center.

Construction accidents are often life-altering, if not fatal. The amount of rehabilitation required to fully recover from the accident and return to work can take months, if not years. Working with a Maryland workers' comp attorney can help ease this process and allow you the time and energy necessary to focus 100 percent on your recovery, and not your legal claim.

For construction workers, filing a claim can be somewhat complex. When third parties or subcontractors are involved, you must identify who is responsible for providing benefits and compensation for your injuries. Maryland laws are very specific and an experienced lawyer will understand how to identify the legal issues of your situation.

We recently discussed the issue of construction accidents and liability in a blog post about a construction worker who was left paralyzed after a work accident. The worker was awarded $21.7 million after the accident.

Regardless of the kinds injuries you have suffered, having a lawyer review your situation can provide you with the answers you need to make a smart decision.

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