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On distracted driving

As many Maryland residents have already learned, distracted driving is a growing danger on the roads of America. The high-technology world of instant text and voice communication that we live in today has caused unforeseen side effects to those who operate motor vehicles and utilize the highways or streets. Even pedestrians and bicyclists are at greater risk than ever before because of the increasing prevalence of distracted driving.

The three major categories of distracted driving are visual, manual and cognitive. Cell phone use is a major cause of all three.

Accidents caused by distracted driving have claimed more than 3,000 lives per annum in recent years. There were approximately 421,000 injuries caused by drivers who weren't focused on the road in 2012, a 9 percent increase from 2011. Legislatures across America have been moving to address this issue, but their responses have not been organized or coordinated on any national level.

Motor vehicle accidents are among the most dangerous events that any human being can experience. The risk to life and limb is imminent in any automobile wreck, and the odds of suffering some sort of serious injury are very high. The assistance of an attorney can be of benefit to anyone who has been hurt in a car accident by another driver who was not paying attention to the road. Although criminal charges may or may not be filed against the distracted driver, a personal injury case may proceed regardless. If the distracted driver has been indicted for their part in the accident, then the attorney may be able to help the plaintiff look over the criminal case, extract any relevant evidence that has entered the public record and use it as part of their civil suit.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "Distracted Driving", December 28, 2014

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