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The workers' compensation claims process

Maryland workers may be interested in some information regarding the process of filing a workers' compensation claim if they are injured on the job. Depending on how the claim is treated, the employee may need to file for an appeal or attend a hearing.

When a workers' compensation claim form is sent to the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission, the amount of processing time necessary can vary. This depends on whether the form itself was filled out completely and accurately. When there are no issues with the form and the information on it, the processing of the claim usually takes just two or three business days. However, if there is missing information, the claim form will be sent back to the worker for corrections. The commission itself cannot make changes to the form.

In a successful claim, the commission does not issue a check directly to the worker. The employer itself or its insurer will be the ones paying the employee any lost wages or benefits. If a hearing is required on the workers' compensation issue, notice will be sent to all parties involved. The notice will contain the date and time of the hearing, as well as notification of any special reason for the hearing. If an appeal is necessary when a claim is denied, this must be filed within 30 days of the mailing date for the notice of denial.

The process of filing a workers' compensation claim can become complicated if not executed property. An attorney with experience handling employees' compensation claims may be able to assist with the proper filing of the claim. The attorney may also be able to provide representation at a hearing or appeal in cases where the client's claim was denied.

Source: Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission , "Frequently Asked Questions", December 19, 2014

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