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Rear-end collisions and whiplash

Minor car crashes are common for Maryland residents. Most minor accidents result in very little damage to either the car or the occupants. However, injuries can occur in even minor accidents.

Suddenly being thrown forward and backwards during a rear-end collision is a major cause of whiplash. The American Chiropractic Association describes whiplash as a sprain of the neck. In the violent whip-like motion caused by the car being jolted, the neck is forced through a movement that can tear ligaments and muscles. Symptoms of whiplash are localized pain and difficulty in moving the neck. Many individuals also experience headache and dizziness.

One of the complicating factors in proving a personal injury claim is the fact that symptoms of whiplash do not appear immediately after the accident. Like many soft-tissue injuries, it may take as many as 48 hours after the accident before the full symptoms appear. Because of this, many whiplash victims do not immediately seek medical treatment. Therefore, the fact that the injury is the cause of a rear-end collision is, in many cases, not properly documented.

Anyone who experiences neck pain within a day or two of a rear-end collision should immediately seek medical treatment to get the diagnosis on record as having been caused by the car crash. In some cases, whiplash resolves quickly, but if it does not, it may require expensive, prolonged treatment. Whiplash victims might be able to seek compensation for injuries that occur due to a rear-end collision. Speaking to a personal injury attorney could help claimants discover their options for receiving monetary compensation.

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