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The Maryland workers' compensation process

Employees in Maryland may be interested in learning more about some of the common questions involving certain workers' compensation issues. When a covered worker misses at least three days due to an illness or injury suffered on the job, they are entitled to receive wage replacement benefits. When employees miss at least two weeks due to a condition caused by work, they may be entitled to recover benefits for the first three days missed as well.

Injured workers are assigned a consideration date and claim number once the state Workers' Compensation Commission receives the incident report. The consideration date is the time allotted that the employer or its insurer can dispute or object to the claim. Workers' compensation insurance is designed to cover physical therapy, hospital bills, prescription, doctor bills and other costs related to the injury. The coverage limit for the insurance is governed by the state's Workers' Compensation Medical Fee Guide.

The employer or its insurance company is responsible for paying for any doctor visits or treatment for an injury or illness that is covered by the workers' compensation program. In order to receive benefits for a workplace injury, injured workers are required to complete the Employee Claim Form and submit it to the Commission either by mail or online. The Commission will provide all the necessary forms and information if the employer has none available onsite. Employees should report any injuries on the job to the employer immediately because delayed reporting can affect the claim.

People who need more information about available benefits might wish to speak with an attorney who has experience in this area. Legal counsel can assist an injured client with the preparation and filing of a claim and can provide representation at a subsequent hearing in the event that the employer or its insurer files an objection to the claim.

Source: Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission, "Question & Answers for Employees", accessed on Jan. 25, 2015

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