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Injured Maryland employees deserve compensation

All employees have the right to expect their employers to provide a safe working environment for them to perform their work responsibilities. Depending on the type of work involved, some employees could be at risk of a workplace injury, particularly if there are certain occupational hazards. Some injuries may occur suddenly such as from a fall. Others, however, may develop gradually over time. For example, the repeated exposure to loud sounds during work hours could cause hearing loss before an employee is even aware of the damage.

A commonly reported condition, work-related hearing loss can have the same significant impact as other types of workplace injuries in regards to safe and successful work performance, physical health and the right to workers' compensation. Most likely to occur within the first ten years of exposure, hearing loss could affect the employee's awareness level of occupational hazards or their marketability for other employment opportunities. Employers need to account for the risk of hearing impairment by making appropriate precautionary measures available, such as protective gear, to employees subjected to auditory occupational hazards.

The distribution of workers' compensation is designed to provide a temporary source of income for employees who sustained an injury due to an unsafe workplace condition. An injured employee faces many complications as a result of the injury, such as lost wages, medical expenses, and physical pain and suffering. Some employers offer alternative light work duty to allow the employee to return to work sooner, but some light work duty assignments can actually exacerbate the injury, therefore hindering a full recovery.

If an employer fails to maintain a safe work environment and an injury occurs, the victim may want to take legal action. An experienced personal injury lawyer can protect the rights of the client while prioritizing a healthy recovery.

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