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Power surge injures worker at Maryland liquor store

After a fire was put out at Lighthouse Liquors in Charlotte Hall, Maryland, construction workers attempted to move a large refrigeration unit. The assistant chief for the Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department said that the workers believed the power was off, but somehow an electrical surge shocked one man.

CPR was not needed, but the assistant fire chief could not provide any more details about the injured worker's condition. St. Mary's Advanced Life Support and Emergency Medical Services also responded to the accident before the man was airlifted to Washington Hospital Center.

The fire official said that the fire in the liquor store had been extinguished by the time his crew arrived. The fire occurred about one hour before the worker suffered an electrical injury. A representative from the Southern Maryland Electrical Cooperative said its safety department investigated the accident.

When people are hurt in workplace accidents, the employer and sometimes the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigate the incidents to find out what went wrong and correct the hazards if possible. As for the medical costs for the worker, the workers' compensation insurance provided by the employer is meant to provide benefits. Sometimes a worker consults with an attorney when he or she needs to collect workers' compensation. An attorney could clarify what benefits the worker may be entitled to and also help prepare a claim. Insurance companies can be quick to deny a claim if strict documentation requirements are not met. An attorney might be able to help the worker achieve a settlement with the insurance company through negotiations and a lawsuit if necessary.

Source:, "Worker electrified while moving refrigerator," Marty Madden, March 24, 2015

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