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Skin problems from exposure to toxins or hazards

Maryland workers may encounter a wide variety of toxins and skin irritants in the course of their employment. From hazardous chemicals used in the production of factory products to the wind and extreme cold that must be endured by those obligated to work outside in the winter, it is the business's responsibility to be realistically aware of the hazards to the skin of their employees and to take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their workers.

Toxin exposure in the workplace is a major source of damage and irritation to employee skin. Although governmental organizations are well aware of the prevalence of toxins in the workplace environment, estimating that more than 13 million employees nationwide are undergoing toxic exposure right now, historically prevention and amelioration attempts have centered on inhaled chemicals.

At this moment, there is no standardized method for measuring skin exposure to toxins. Authorities have noted that some of the industries with the most skin toxicity issues include cosmetology, food services, various health care occupations, janitorial and cleaning services, agriculture, painters and printers, mechanics and construction workers. As chemicals may absorb slowly through the skin and build up during time, it may be challenging to directly connect the resulting medical issues with the workplace hazard that created them.

When exposure to a toxin or hazardous condition leads to workplace injuries, the injured worker has a right to full compensation under the law. If their employer in any way refuses to redress them fully for the harm they suffered at work, or if they attempt to deny their occupational responsibility for the injury, then it may be helpful to contact a lawyer and research ways to file a suit that compels them to make full restitution.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "Skin Exposures & Effects," April 30, 2012

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