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September 2015 Archives

EMS workers more likely to be injured during longer shifts

Maryland EMS workers may be interested to know that a study published on Sept. 15 showed that emergency service members who worked extended shifts were more likely to suffer injuries than those that worked shorter shifts. Essentially, the researchers discovered that employees that worked shifts that were longer than 12 hours were 50 percent more likely to suffer injuries.

Factual information about cancer may improve the outcome

As many Maryland residents know, the effects of having a sense of involvement in personal health can include a longer life span. This is true when it comes to cancer. Several studies show that knowing what type of cancer one has as well as details concerning the treatment protocol a health care professional envisions leads to a better resolution. In addition, not being properly diagnosed leads to a poorer prognosis.

How hearing protectors improve arc flash safety

Electrical workers in Maryland are at risk of hearing loss from arc flashes. They could better ensure their safety by understanding what an arc flash is and following the recommendations for personal protective equipment in the National Fire Protection Association's Standard for Electrical Safety.

Accident injuries in Maryland

Maryland residents who have been in auto accidents often incur injuries without realizing that they have been harmed. Whether a victim has suffered serious trauma that is overshadowing less noticeable problems, or the shock of the collision has left an individual unaware that he or she has suffered harm, symptoms may not show up for hours or days after a crash.

Coalition works to reduce diagnostic errors

Being misdiagnosed can have fatal consequences for some patients. The first U.S. Ebola patient, for example, was originally diagnosed in an emergency room with sinusitis but died later. Many Maryland patients might already know that diagnostic errors happen relatively frequently, so it may be encouraging to learn that the Coalition to Improve Diagnosis is working to reduce this issue.

Staying safe while welding in Maryland

Although welding can be a dangerous activity, the odds of injury can be reduced by taking proper safety precautions. Wearing protective equipment, being aware of combustible objects in the welding area and consistently learning about the possible dangers associated with welding can help workers stay safe. While workers should be extra cautious when working in new environments, complacency can lead to injury as well in areas where workers have welded in the past.

Using Uber instead of driving drunk could save lives

Maryland residents have probably heard of car-sharing services like Uber whether a program like this operates in their area or not, but findings from Temple University indicate that there are good reasons for cities to keep using and to expand services like those offered by Uber. Researchers looked at data from California between 2009 and 2014 and found that Uber and other car-sharing services reduced the number of drunk driving homicides.

Preventing workplace eye injuries

Each year, many Maryland workers suffer eye injuries while they are working on the job. Such injuries can be devastating, causing partial or total blindness. Some employers have inadequate eye protection requirements in place. In other cases, workers may not comply with eye protection requirements due to problems with fogging of the eyewear.

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