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Accident injuries in Maryland

Maryland residents who have been in auto accidents often incur injuries without realizing that they have been harmed. Whether a victim has suffered serious trauma that is overshadowing less noticeable problems, or the shock of the collision has left an individual unaware that he or she has suffered harm, symptoms may not show up for hours or days after a crash.

One of the most common conditions that is caused by car accidents is whiplash. The stiffness, pain and decreased mobility that occurs with neck injuries may take hours or even days to develop. Whiplash usually involves sprain and strain of the cervical muscles and ligaments, but the pain may also be caused by more serious problems such as spinal fractures and vertebral displacement. People who experience neck pain after being involved in a collision should undergo an examination including X-ray or CT imaging in order to rule out severe injury.

Other complications that may display delayed symptoms include internal injuries, head trauma and back problems. Blunt force trauma often results in organ damage that bleeds slowly and that may not be noticed until symptoms develop such as an increased pulse rate, decreased blood pressure and abdominal swelling. Late onset headaches may indicate concussion, and spinal fractures and bulging discs can cause back pain.

People who have been hurt in a car accident caused by the negligence of another motorist may be able to receive compensation for their lost wages, medical expenses and other damages that have been incurred. A personal injury lawyer can offer legal advice and start negotiations with the driver's insurance company in an effort to reach a fair settlement. If one cannot be reached, the lawyer may choose to file a lawsuit on the victim's behalf.

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