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Negative birth outcomes go up on the weekend

Expectant mothers in Maryland should be aware of a curious statistical anomaly relating directly to their health as they prepare to give birth. Experts and researchers have directed much speculation at this problem, and a British study has found that it is somewhat more dangerous to both the mother and the child if the hospital birth takes place on a weekend rather that during the wek.

British researchers reviewed the cases of more than a million expectant mothers over a period of two years. The increase in number of complications and severity went up noticeably for patients who went into the hospital on Saturday or Sunday.

This effect has been tangentially reflected in other studies. For example, it has been found demonstrated that older Americans who are hospitalized for heart attacks on the weekend have a greater tendency to die within a year than those who go in during the week. Experts point out that a large number of factors are at play, and it will take more time to determine exactly what causes this problem. However, they admit that it is reasonable to surmise that these problems are because of some issue with the hospital staff.

A parent whose child has suffered a birth injury during the delivery process may want to speak with a medical malpractice attorney to determine how best to proceed. Legal counsel can examine the relevant hospital records and obtain the opinion of medical experts in order to determine whether there was a failure on the part of surgical staff or the health care facility to exhibit the requisite standard of care. Such a failure might result in a lawsuit seeking damages from the responsible parties.

Source: Medical Daily News, "Is giving birth at the weekend more dangerous?", Nov. 25, 2015

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