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Large truck accident statistics

When a large truck is involved in a traffic collision in Maryland, occupants in other vehicles are much likelier to be killed than are people involved in passenger car accidents. Because of the inherent dangers of large trucks, the federal government has stringent regulations in place to reduce the risk of accidents. Despite those rules, far too many accidents involving large trucks happen every year.

Curbing insurance fraud in Maryland

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau workers' compensation fraud is almost $7.2 million per year. Therefore, insurance companies are looking to take steps to prevent fraud before it happens. Two tactics that insurance companies may use in the future are social media and surveillance of a claimant. While there may be higher upfront costs related to monitoring someone who may be committing fraud, it could cut down on costs later on.

Maryland crash victim seeks to help others

A woman who got into a serious accident when she was 17 because she was texting while driving is hoping that others can learn from her mistake. After taking her eyes off of the road momentarily to read a text message, she crashed into a flatbed truck and had to be transported to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

The importance of keeping construction cranes safe

Construction cranes are used in Maryland and throughout the country when construction workers have to scale skyscrapers and other large buildings. While cranes can make a construction worker's job easier, they can also be dangerous. Therefore, it is important that these machines are systematically inspected and construction workers are thoroughly trained before using them.

Front crash prevention a good idea

Maryland residents who are getting ready to buy a new vehicle should opt to get one with front crash prevention. An available option, front crash prevention systems include collision alerts or automatic braking, both of which have been shown to significantly reduce the incidence of rear-end collisions and injuries.

The use of hard hats

Hard hats are essential safety equipment for many jobs, especially those on construction sites in Maryland and around the country. They are able to protect workers from falling or flying objects, and they can also help reduce people's risk of burns or electrical shock. However, they are not always used when they should be because they are often uncomfortable.

OSHA regulations regarding recordable injuries

Employers in Maryland face potentially severe penalties if they run afoul of workplace safety regulations, and checking records for accuracy is often among the first steps taken by OSHA inspectors. Employers hoping to avoid fines or other sanctions must keep track of workplace injuries and illnesses if they are considered recordable under OSHA regulations, but employers are sometimes unclear about the line of demarcation.

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