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The use of hard hats

Hard hats are essential safety equipment for many jobs, especially those on construction sites in Maryland and around the country. They are able to protect workers from falling or flying objects, and they can also help reduce people's risk of burns or electrical shock. However, they are not always used when they should be because they are often uncomfortable.

While people may wear a hard hat when they are doing something that takes a long time, they may neglect to put one on if they are only doing a quick task, especially if their hard hat is cumbersome. The problem is that accidents can occur at any time, so people not wearing a hard hat are putting themselves in danger of being seriously injured.

The good news is that developments in the materials used to create hard hats as well as how they are designed have improved. New hats are made of lighter materials, so they are not as heavy. Additionally, new hats are made to be adjusted, so they can fit a variety of head shapes and sizes. This makes it far easier for employers to find hard hats that fit a range of employees, and it makes it more likely that workers will wear them at all times.

Even if employees are wearing hard hats and are observing other safety protocols, construction accidents are often unavoidable. People who have been injured at a construction site may be eligible to claim workers' compensation benefits under their employer's insurance coverage. An attorney can often assist in determining eligibility and then, if the injured victim is covered, with the preparation of the claim.

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