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Month-long electrical safety campaign

Maryland employers are reminded to think more about electrical safety every year during National Electrical Safety Month. Each May, the Electrical Safety Foundation International promotes awareness about electrical dangers through a nationwide campaign. Communities, schools, organizations and employers are reminded to stay safe around electricity with outreach materials that are provided by the ESFI.

The outreach materials offered by the ESFI have been updated for 2016, and new materials have been added to the collection. Individuals and employers that want to promote electrical safety can obtain fact sheets, safety tips, social media content and media outreach materials from the ESFI. One of the items, the 2016 National Electrical Safety Month Electrical Safety Advocate Guide, was written to raise awareness about electrical hazards like building fires.

During Electrical Safety Month 2016, the ESFI will issue the third Electrical Safety Illustrated publication, which features information about some of the most common electrical hazards found in residences and workplaces. The theme this year is 'At Home and at Work: Make Electrical Safety Everyone's Priority."

People in the construction industry as well as those in all different types of occupations could be injured by electricity if safety measures are not taken. Employers should make sure that their workers are protected while near sources of electricity. A worker who is injured in an electrical fire or another type of electrical accident may be eligible to file a claim for benefits under the employer's workers' compensation insurance policy. This is normally the case regardless of who was responsible for the workplace injuries. If the fire was caused by a piece of defective equipment, under some circumstances it could also be possible to file a civil lawsuit against the manufacturer.

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