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Sprains, strains top list of workers' injuries

Maryland workers who are injured on the job may be interested in some statistics to see how their ailments compare to injured workers nationwide. Roughly 3.7 million people suffer workplace injuries across the United States every year, according to federal statistics.

Robots being developed that can perform soft tissue surgery

Maryland residents may aware of how the field of robotics is moving from repetitive task machines to artificial intelligence. While robots have long been used in manufacturing and other industries, they are now being combined with complex computer software to make life-and-death decisions. Today, artificial intelligence is being used to develop driverless cars and surgical tools.

OSHA requires workplace injury data to be public

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has introduced a new regulation, which will be implemented from Aug. 10, requiring employers to make all data public regarding injuries and illnesses. Maryland residents may already know that the agency requires employers to keep records of injuries and illnesses, but it says that it and the public receive little to no information about these records.

Driver-free vehicles will redefine insurance market

The advent of driverless cars on the roads of Maryland and other states will probably not completely eradicate traffic collisions. It could, however, change the way insurance and safety industries work to protect motorists and passengers. Some accidents, such as those caused by programming errors or software, may raise unique questions of who ought to be held accountable. New forms of insurance fraud could even place some of the responsibility for accidents on hackers who intentionally cause wrecks in order to win payouts.

Workplace safety tips

Maryland employees want to feel safe at the workplace, whether their particular occupation carries obvious hazards or not. They probably anticipate ending their shift feeling healthy and happy. However, with an estimated 3 million occupational injuries that happen annually around the country, this is not the case for many people. There are some safety tips to help employees avoid common work-related injuries that are outlined in an annual report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Research Institute for Safety.

Reduction in fatal accidents for Maryland truck drivers in 2014

Maryland motorists may be pleased to hear that the number of commercial trucks involved in fatal accidents dropped by 5 percent in 2014 from the preceding year. However, statistics complied by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shows that non-fatal injury truck accidents rose by 21 percent. According to the FMCSA, 20 percent of police-reported accidents involving trucks in that year resulted in one or more non-fatal injuries.

Protection from work boots

Maryland residents who are in the construction industry or other occupations in which they need to wear work boots should take care when choosing which ones to purchase. There are state and federal safety standards for work boots, and it is important for people to make certain the ones they are considering meet or exceed them.

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