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2 accidents in April with autonomous cars

Maryland motorists who are following the development of self-driving cars may be interested to learn that Google recorded two accidents in April. In both cases, they were minor and not the fault of the autonomous vehicles, and they did not result in any injuries.

In California, manufacturers of autonomous vehicles are required to report all accidents regarding their cars, although a similar requirement for cars with human drivers does not exist. In one accident, one of the Lexus vehicles was hit while it was not in motion, and a side mirror was damaged. In the other, a prototype was hit from behind while yielding to traffic by a car traveling under 10 mph.

According to Google, since its autonomous cars are on the road 24/7, there are bound to be minor accidents. It is estimated that human error causes 94 percent of all motor vehicle accidents, so it is still believed that roads will be considerably safer when self-driving cars become commonplace. With 34 prototypes and 23 Lexus vehicles in its fleet so far, Google plans to add minivans next.

Since autonomous cars are still being tested, human error will continue to result in motor vehicle accidents. Injuries from these accidents can be serious and might include concussions, fractures and broken bones. If another driver is at fault, the injured person may expect that driver's insurance company to pay for the expenses. However, that driver might be uninsured or underinsured, or the settlement offered by the insurance company might be inadequate. The victim may thus want to meet with an attorney to see if filing a personal injury lawsuit would be an advisable approach.

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