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Woman slips into coma during plastic surgery

Maryland residents who are thinking about getting plastic surgery may want to investigate the doctor and facility ahead of time. Even cosmetic surgery can carry serious risks. In 2013, a Florida woman emerged from a coma two weeks after her blood pressure and heart rate dropped during a breast augmentation procedure. Three years later, she still can only stand for moments at a time and can speak just a few words.

An investigation by the Florida Department of Health that followed the incident found that the doctor performing the surgery provided an insufficient artificial airway for the 18-year-old woman during his resuscitation attempt. He was fined $10,000 and required to take 15 hours of continuing education classes but was permitted to keep his license. It also emerged that in 2006, he had been convicted of selling pills online. After completing a prison term, he was not permitted to practice medicine for one year.

The woman who was injured in the surgery has a 6-year-old son. Her family is struggling financially to both raise the son and care for his mother.

A surgical error can result in a great degree of hardship for both the affected patients and their family members. In addition to having to deal with high medical expenses and rehabilitation, patients who are severely injured may not be able to ever return to gainful employment. A medical malpractice case is grounded on negligence, and attorneys for those who have been harmed will attempt to demonstrate that there was a failure to exhibit the requisite standard of care through a review of the patient's hospital records and the opinions of medical experts.

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