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Nonprofits collaborate to improve diagnosis of endometriosis

Women in Maryland with endometriosis sometimes endure terrible pain. The discomfort also might linger for a long time without a proper diagnosis because this condition takes an average of 12 years to diagnose. To improve recognition and treatment of this disease, the Endometriosis Foundation of America has partnered with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

The specialists at these nonprofit organizations plan to expand outreach and education among medical professionals. The priorities that they have set include an adolescent education program, improvement of diagnosis standards especially for young adults and updates for the training of surgeons.

Endometriosis afflicts about 10 percent of women in their reproductive years. The disease leads to the growth of painful lesions that grow inside a woman's pelvis. The lesions attach to the uterus, appendix, rectum, intestines and leg nerves. The resulting pain can be so depleting that it reduces a woman's quality of life. Her ability to build a career or maintain a romantic relationship could be significantly compromised.

Any person who endures a worsened condition because of a physician's failure to diagnose might suffer physical, emotional and financial damages. When a person wants to learn more about the possibility of a medical malpractice lawsuit, an attorney could help. A lawyer could ask an outside medical expert to review the medical records. If evidence shows that a physician missed a diagnosis, then an attorney could file papers with a court. The lawsuit would document the medical mistakes and list the financial damages that resulted. A settlement might be gained when an attorney negotiates with the physician's insurance company. If that course does not succeed, then the lawyer could advance the case to a trial.

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