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August 2016 Archives

Are EMTs and other emergency responders immune from patient lawsuits?

Though they train for crisis situations, it is not fair to expect miracles or perfection from those who respond to 911 emergencies. They aren't doctors or rolling hospitals. They must make quick decisions under chaotic or even hostile circumstances.

NHTSA proposal calls for lower national speed limit for trucks

It doesn't matter whether it's day or night, or whether road conditions are perfect or abysmal, there's simply nothing more terrifying for motorists than seeing a fully-loaded truck bearing down on them in the rearview mirror or go barreling by them at a high rate of speed.

Can I sue for injuries involving a public bus, subway or commuter train?

Hundreds of people -- passengers, pedestrians and motorists -- are injured each year in mass transit accidents in the Baltimore area. Some people forfeit their right to compensation by waiting too long to bring a claim. Other victims never pursue legal action, believing that government entities are immune.

The at-fault driver doesn't have insurance! Am I out of luck?

Even though drivers in Maryland are supposed to carry auto insurance, many do not. What is particularly frustrating about these careless motorists is that they are not only putting their own financial future at risk should they ever cause an accident, but your future as well.

Report: Medical errors cause hundreds of thousands of deaths every year

According to a recent report published in The BMJ - an online international peer-reviewed medical publication formerly known as the British Medical Journal - medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, behind only heart disease and cancer.

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