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Compensation you may be eligible for after a personal injury

Personal injuries range from mild to severe, but regardless of the severity can completely change your life and negatively affect your future. Some injuries leave you with life-changing problems that force you to adapt or completely rethink your life. Your might require lifelong (expensive) medical care, or be unable to work, causing you to lose years of income.

When an injury occurs and liability and damages are proven, the injured are entitled compensation for losses. READ MORE about the different elements of personal injury damages.



Depending on the type of injury, whether negligence can be proven and how it affects your future, there are different types of compensation you may receive. The following are elements of compensation that might be award to an injured person.

  • Compensation for medical treatment is almost always included in personal injury damages. This may be reimbursement for treatment you've already had, as well as an estimated amount for care you may need in the future for medical treatment directly related to the accident. Surgery, physical therapy, medications and medical equipment, for example, can be very expensive. 
  • Loss of income is another serious concern that victims of personal injury face. You are entitled to reimbursement of lost wages while you recuperated. If the injury affects your ability to make money in the future, you may be awarded compensation under the description of "loss of earning capacity." This is based on your projected earnings if you had not been injured.      
  • You could seek compensation for any permanent disabilities stemming from the accident. This may include but is not limited to physical impairment, hearing loss, loss of limb, brain injuries or eye injury.  
  • Victims can be compensated for disfigurement, such as visible scars, damage to facial nerves or a noticeable limp. Although scarring is not necessarily painful or disabling, it has a social and psychological impact.
  • Pain and suffering often makes up a significant portion of personal injury damages. This can refer to physical pain and its impact on life, such as sleep loss, chronic headaches or inability to concentrate. Pain and suffering can also include emotional distress from the accident,  which may manifest as anxiety, nightmares, panic attacks or depression.
  • If the accident caused vehicle damage or other property damage, your compensation may include repair or replacement at fair market value. 
  • Along with the compensation for tangible losses, victims may be entitled to punitive damages if the injuries resulted from the defendant's gross negligence or intentional acts. If awarded, punitive damages are subject to court approval or revision.


If you've been injured due to the negligence of another, talk to an attorney without delay to protect your future. Seek medical attention promptly, follow through with treatment and document the impact on your daily life. This will help your legal counsel to quantify and justify your claims for compensation.

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