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Medical malpractice issues: Injuries to intestines and nerves

Do you envision instruments left inside a patient, removing the wrong organs and operating on the wrong patient when you think of surgical errors? If so, you are not alone. Many Maryland residents hear about these instances when it comes to news stories about medical malpractice. However, other injuries can wreak just as much havoc on a person's body and cause permanent injuries as well.

For instance, a nearly microscopic nick to your intestines or bladder is a serious and possibly deadly mistake by a surgeon. The waste material contained in the bowels and bladder is not meant to roam free through the body. The toxicity could make you seriously ill or kill you.

A surgeon does not have to cut you open for these mistakes to be made. A reportedly simple procedure such as a colonoscopy could cause such injuries. The implantation of vaginal mesh could do the same during the procedure or after.

Your nerves carry messages from parts of your body to your brain. When those signals are interrupted, you could experience debilitating health consequences. Putting too much or prolonged pressure on a nerve can damage it. This could happen through incorrect positioning or failing to properly use surgical tools. Nerve damage can also occur from anesthesia errors.

Knowing whether the injuries you now have resulted from medical malpractice may require a thorough review of the circumstances by a medical professional who practices in the appropriate area. If it turns out that the injuries to your nerves, intestines or bladder resulted from a medical mistake, the filing of a claim may be appropriate. Holding Maryland doctors and surgeons accountable for their mistakes may result in much needed restitution and changes that could prevent others from suffering the same injuries.

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