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A car vs. building motor vehicle accident injures several patrons

Hearing about a collision more than likely makes most Maryland residents think of roadways and metal on metal impacts. In many cases, that is what happened. However, occasionally, a motor vehicle accident occurs outside the norm, but it can still have serious consequences to those involved.

For instance, on a Tuesday afternoon in the last days of October, unsuspecting patrons dove for their lives when a car careened into the restaurant where they were eating. The car broke through the wall, sending debris and people flying in all directions. When the dust settled and emergency personnel arrived, seven people suffered injuries.

Two of the injured suffered what were described as serious injuries that were not necessarily life-threatening. The other five escaped that fate, and three went to the hospital for treatment. The other two declined to go to the hospital.

Reports indicate that a number of the people in the Upper Marlboro restaurant work for a Prince George's County judge. At the time of this writing, no information regarding the driver or the circumstances and factors that led to the crash was available. Law enforcement officials continued their search for the answers needed to explain what happened. It is unknown whether any criminal charges are being contemplated against the driver.

Regardless, those who suffered serious injuries in this motor vehicle accident may exercise their rights to file personal injury claims against the driver. Any evidence gathered in the official investigation could help establish negligence in a Maryland civil court. If the court rules that another party's negligence led to the injuries suffered in this incident, damages could be awarded to help with lost income, medical expenses and other losses incurred.

Source: ABC News, "Car plows into Maryland restaurant in heart-stopping video", Julia Jacobo, Oct. 25, 2017

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