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Some facts about workers' compensation you need to know

Did you get injured while working here in Maryland? Do you know that you need to report that injury as soon as possible to your employer? This is only the first of many steps you must take in order to receive the workers' compensation benefits you need to get you through your recovery. You may also need to know some additional information as you embark on the process of filing a claim.

Having even one employee obligates an employer to carry workers' compensation insurance unless an employer falls into one of the narrow exceptions under Maryland law. If you do suffer an injury, it needs to have occurred during the course of your duties. If your injury fits the parameters, the law entitles you to payment of your medical care, along with replacement of a portion of the income you lose during your recovery.

Income replacement kicks in after you have been out of work at least three days. If you end up being out for at least two weeks (14 days), you will then also get paid for the first three days you missed if your pay for those days was not already covered by your employer. As for medical expenses, if it is related to your injury and recovery, it may be covered.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Receiving benefits under Maryland's workers' compensation system involves more than simply submitting a claim form. There will undoubtedly be other requirements you must meet in order to receive the benefits you need. To make sure that you receive them, it may greatly benefit you to discuss your situation with an attorney.

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