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Medical malpractice issues: Falling while in the hospital

One of the last places that you may think you are in any danger of suffering from an injury is in a Maryland hospital. You expect that the doctors, nursing and other staff will diligently work to protect your safety. Sadly, if that was always the case, there would be no need for medical malpractice laws.

Most hospital personnel here in Maryland and elsewhere care about their jobs and their patients, but they cannot be everywhere at once and are human. Mistakes happen. One of the most prevalent sources of injury in a hospital is from falls.

Medical personnel drop patients while transferring them to and from a hospital bed. Physical therapists cannot always keep hold of a patient, and the patient falls. Even going from your hospital bed to the bathroom could be dangerous, especially if you are already in a weakened state due to surgery or your medical condition. You could even fall out of bed if someone failed to put up the railing on your bed, failed to monitor you (especially if you are considered at risk for falls) or failed to provide safety restraints to help ensure that you do not fall out of bed.

Hospital floors are hard, and a fall could result in serious injuries requiring additional medical treatment and maybe even surgery. The condition that put you in the hospital may also be exacerbated by the fall and could set back your recovery. If it turns out that hospital personnel did not provide you the appropriate standard of care, you may have a claim for medical malpractice.

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