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What caused a recent fatal motor vehicle accident

In many car crashes, drivers, passengers and other witnesses are available to help Maryland law enforcement officials determine what happened. This task becomes exponentially more difficult when witnesses are unavailable and the occupants of the vehicle or vehicles involved died as result of the motor vehicle accident. In these cases, the families of the victims may not know the circumstances behind the death of a loved one for some time.

Deadly motor vehicle accident involved off-duty police officer

Police officers here in Maryland and its surrounding areas risk their lives daily in the performance of their duties. Each of them understands the hazards and dangers they could face when they put on their uniforms, but that does not stop them from doing so. For this reason, it often seems more tragic when a police officer loses his or her life in a motor vehicle accident while off duty.

Motor vehicle accident turns deadly around afternoon rush hour

Maryland roads are often always busy. However, during rush hour, the concentration of vehicles increases dramatically. Along with the increase in vehicles, there also comes an increase in the potential for a motor vehicle accident. Even a seemingly minor mistake could lead to catastrophe.

Rear-end motor vehicle accident becomes more than a fender bender

Rear-end collisions bring up images of cars bumping into each other at stop lights or when traffic comes to an unexpected standstill during rush hour. Many of these fender benders cause more in property damage than they do in injuries, but that is not always the case. A rear-end motor vehicle accident can become much more than just a fender bender, depending on the circumstances.

Details of a motor vehicle accident may elude police

As is the case in other states, the law enforcement agencies here in Maryland have the often-unenviable task of investigating crashes -- some of which involve multiple fatalities. When no one survives to help determine what happened, that task becomes even more of a challenge. This may be the case in a recent single-motor vehicle accident.

A car vs. building motor vehicle accident injures several patrons

Hearing about a collision more than likely makes most Maryland residents think of roadways and metal on metal impacts. In many cases, that is what happened. However, occasionally, a motor vehicle accident occurs outside the norm, but it can still have serious consequences to those involved.

Motor vehicle accident results in numerous injuries

Maryland's roadways see more than their fair share of crashes. Whether a motor vehicle accident involves just one vehicle or several, the injuries can be catastrophic. While the injured recover at home or in hospitals, investigators work to determine fault and the factors that led to the crash.

Victim of hit-and-run motor vehicle accident dies

Too many Maryland families have lost loved ones to car crashes. What may make the sorrow worse is when that loved one was left to die by a driver who failed to remain at the scene of a motor vehicle accident. Some of those accidents involve pedestrians who may have lived if they had received medical care as quickly as possible.

Engine trouble resulted in deadly motor vehicle accident

Breaking down on the side of the road can be a colossal inconvenience for Maryland residents. It can also be dangerous. There are too many media reports of a pedestrian on the side of the road because of engine trouble being killed in a motor vehicle accident

Route 50 sees 3rd deadly motor vehicle accident in just weeks

Some stretches of road here in Maryland see more crashes than others do. For some reason, there seems to be an increase in wrong-way crashes on a certain stretch of Route 50. Two people died in the most recent motor vehicle accident, which took place on a Wednesday morning.

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