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Police say driver in truck accident was drunk at the time

Drunk driving remains a threat to innocent motorists, their passengers and others using Maryland's roadways. A crash involving a drunk driver and a passenger vehicle has enough potential to be serious or deadly, but when a truck is also involved, the force of the impact only increases. Under these circumstances, a truck accident tends to increase the possibility of fatalities exponentially.

Truck accident blamed on drowsy driving

Working long hours, family obligations and other circumstances can make it difficult to get adequate sleep. Most Maryland residents can recall at least one time when they felt tired all day long due to sleep deprivation, but still had to get on with their lives, which may have included driving. An extra cup of coffee, soda or energy drink may have provided enough alertness to get through the day, but they probably were not on the road all day. What about the trucker who struggles to stay awake while driving all day? No amount of caffeine can erase the increased potential for a truck accident.

Truckers face serious consequences for distracted driving

From fines to lawsuits to loss of employment, truck drivers risk serious consequences if they are found guilty of distracted driving. Regulations enacted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration prohibit over-the-road truckers from using handheld mobile phones while driving, including texting. Texting while driving is against the law in the state of Maryland.

How did the latest government spending bill affect rest rules for truckers?

Over the last eight years, the U.S. Department of Transportation, under the auspices of the Obama Administration, has introduced some major changes to the rest rules governing the interstate trucking industry in a bid to reduce the staggering number of accidents directly attributable to driver fatigue.

NHTSA proposal calls for lower national speed limit for trucks

It doesn't matter whether it's day or night, or whether road conditions are perfect or abysmal, there's simply nothing more terrifying for motorists than seeing a fully-loaded truck bearing down on them in the rearview mirror or go barreling by them at a high rate of speed.

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