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Safety experts urge employers to consider aging workforce

Employers in Maryland may have noticed the nationwide trend of an aging workforce. Some safety experts see this as a cause for concern because slips and falls represent the second-leading cause of on-the-job deaths. Since older workers are more prone to such injuries, safety experts are suggesting that employers increase their efforts to identify hazards and reduce the likelihood of falls in the workplace.

Ventilation key to protecting workers from welding fumes

Welders in Maryland workplaces are usually extremely careful as they know that a stray spark could easily start a fire, but the Occupational Safety and Health Administration urges them to also bear in mind that the fumes created by pressure or fusion welding can also be extremely dangerous. Toxic substances found in welding fumes include traces of dangerous metals like beryllium, lead and arsenic, noxious gases such as hydrogen fluoride and asphyxiants like argon.

Being a nurse: health hazards at the workplace

In Maryland and throughout the United States, more than 18 million people work in the health care industry. With so many individuals working in this field, 80 percent of whom are women, it is vital that they have a work environment that promotes safety and health. Nurses face many challenges related to injuries and illnesses. In fact, health care professionals are nearly twice as likely to suffer a workplace injury than private industry employees.

Rules set to improve safety in the mining industry

Maryland miners and their families may be relieved to learn about several new rules being introduced by the Labor Department in an effort to increase mining safety. In fact, with improved workplace examinations, more than half the 122 mining deaths that occurred from 2010 until 2015 could have been prevented, according to a representative of the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

Sprains, strains top list of workers' injuries

Maryland workers who are injured on the job may be interested in some statistics to see how their ailments compare to injured workers nationwide. Roughly 3.7 million people suffer workplace injuries across the United States every year, according to federal statistics.

OSHA requires workplace injury data to be public

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has introduced a new regulation, which will be implemented from Aug. 10, requiring employers to make all data public regarding injuries and illnesses. Maryland residents may already know that the agency requires employers to keep records of injuries and illnesses, but it says that it and the public receive little to no information about these records.

Workplace safety tips

Maryland employees want to feel safe at the workplace, whether their particular occupation carries obvious hazards or not. They probably anticipate ending their shift feeling healthy and happy. However, with an estimated 3 million occupational injuries that happen annually around the country, this is not the case for many people. There are some safety tips to help employees avoid common work-related injuries that are outlined in an annual report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Research Institute for Safety.

Protection from work boots

Maryland residents who are in the construction industry or other occupations in which they need to wear work boots should take care when choosing which ones to purchase. There are state and federal safety standards for work boots, and it is important for people to make certain the ones they are considering meet or exceed them.

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