Fame doesn’t make a doctor immune to medical malpractice

Published on Apr 4, 2018 at 1:36 pm in Medical Malpractice.

Maryland fans of reality television may be familiar with a show entitled, “My 600-lb Life” that profiles morbidly obese people as they go through their weight loss journeys. As part of the show, their care is overseen by Dr. Nowzaradan, referred to on the show as Dr. Now, who also performs weight-loss procedures on his patients as part of their care. Patients are painfully aware of the possible risks involved in the surgery, but many of them probably did not realize the danger could come from Dr. Now who is currently facing a medical malpractice claim from one of his patients.

Both the doctor and the clinic out of which he works are named in the suit, which was filed in Sept. 2017. The former patient alleges that Dr. Now failed to remove tubing and a stainless steel connector inside the patient following surgery to repair a hiatal hernia and remove a gastric band system two years prior to that date. Just days thereafter, the patient began experiencing excruciating abdominal pressure and pain.

A pelvic ultrasound and CT scan located a foreign body in the patient’s abdomen that required an additional surgery to remove. She alleges that Dr. Now breached the acceptable standard of care and negligently failed to remove the foreign bodies at the time of the surgery.

Most people believe that a surgeon leaving behind foreign objects during a surgery is only a nightmare scenario. Unfortunately, it happens more often than anyone would like to admit. This form of medical malpractice can have significant adverse effects on a patient’s health, future well being and life. Anyone who suffers harm due to an object being left behind after surgery may consider filing a complaint against the Maryland doctor and others deemed responsible for this dangerous breach of the standard of care.

Source:, “‘My 600-lb Life’ Star Dr. Nowzaradan Sued for Leaving Steel Tubing in Patient’s Stomach“, Megan Heintz, March 23, 2018



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