How Common Is PTSD After a Car Accident?

Published on Feb 20, 2019 at 2:25 pm in Car Accidents.

When someone is involved in a serious car accident, they’ve suffered from a traumatic event. When these events result in devastating injuries or worse, then the person is going to have some degree of shock. Sometimes, they develop psychological trauma from the accident and need help.

While most people and even medical professionals may neglect to consider the emotional and mental consequences of being in a serious wreck, the effects and implications are very real and can have a lasting impact on a victim’s ability to perform their regular day-to-day tasks and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. How common are mental conditions like PTSD, anxiety, and depression after being in a car accident? Let’s examine some facts about these conditions.

What Could Indicate That You’re Suffering from PTSD?

In the days or even weeks following a car accident, it’s normal to feel shaken up. You may feel anxious or on edge for a bit because the accident put your body in shock. That doesn’t just go away after a half hour and you shouldn’t expect it to.

However, should certain feelings or symptoms persist, it’s possible that you are dealing with something more. It’s possible that you may have a psychological injury. You should watch out for the following signs:

You’re scared of driving. It’s understandable that you may be wary of getting back into a car after an accident. But if you’re struggling to be at ease while you’re behind the wheel, in the car, or even thinking about driving, then it could indicate that you’re suffering from PTSD.

Another way that you may be able to tell that you have underlying problems from the crash is if reminders of the accident make you feel nervous, anxious, or make your heart race. This could be from hearing a car driving on the street or if someone honks their horn.

Sometimes, people can become scared of being in cars or of being on busy roads. The person may try to avoid highways or try to stay away from driving at all. This can deeply impact someone’s life and prevent them from being able to easily get from place to place.

You may feel hypervigilant when you’re around cars, such as looking for potential dangerous drivers like people speeding or tailgating.

If you’re feeling these symptoms for a prolonged period of time, it’s best for you to seek a professional opinion. You shouldn’t have to live like this and there is a way for you to get help to treat these ongoing symptoms.

What Makes PTSD More Likely?

Everyone’s experience is different. There are some factors that may make people more likely to develop PTSD than others. For example, if you’ve experienced past traumatic events or had issues with anxiety or depression before, you may be more likely to get PTSD.

In addition to the predisposition, if the accident itself was life-threatening or caused a death, then the psychological problems may ensue. When someone thinks they may lose their life or lose someone from the accident, they feel a wide range of strong emotions. They may feel an overwhelming sense of fear, guilt, or unable to help someone in a horrific situation.

It’s important to be aware of these because it may inform you that something is off about how you’ve been feeling. Seeking help will provide you with answers.

Let Belsky, Weinberg & Horowitz, LLC Represent You

We understand how terrifying a car accident can be. While you’re focused on how you’re going to pay the bills for medical expenses or property damage, you may not think about what you need to do to take care of your mental health.

But it’s just as important to take care of your mental health. When you are suffering from PTSD, a professional can help you cope with the trauma and give you methods to feel better, like exercises to go through or medication. However, this isn’t always something that everyone can afford out of pocket. Often, people may be forced to decide between paying off bills or affording their medical care. We don’t believe this is right.

At Belsky, Weinberg & Horowitz, LLC, we will do everything we can to get you compensation for what you’ve been through. This includes care for emotional trauma. We’ll assess you economic and non-economic damages and get an accurate idea of the settlement amount that you should be owed.

When we fight for you, we’ll fight for you to have a solid future so you can focus on your recovery. To get started on your car accident injury case, give us a call today.



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