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How to recognize nursing home abuse in loved ones

Often families have to make the difficult decision to place their loved ones in a nursing home. When an aging loved one is no longer able to take care of him or herself and is in need of skilled nursing care, a Baltimore area nursing home is sometimes a good option. Families believe these facilities will take good care of their loved ones, but occasionally, nursing home negligence occurs. Families should be aware of the signs of nursing home abuse.

New rule to make it easier for victims of nursing home abuse to seek justice

Although many people might not have noticed it, the past ten years have seen everyone from lenders and employers to cellphone carriers and retailers inserting what are known as arbitration clauses into the boilerplate of their contracts.

How the feds are cracking down on social media abuse in nursing homes

When most people hear the terms nursing home abuse or nursing home neglect, what likely springs to mind are things like bedsores, malnutrition, medication errors, falls and unacceptable living conditions.

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