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New apps deter teenagers from texting while driving

Many teens (and a lot of adults) are not keeping their eyes on the road and their focus on driving because they are sending or receiving text messages. This extreme form of distracted driving has caused thousands of car accidents. Sometimes those texting teens are injured or killed. Sometimes they injure pedestrians or innocent people in other vehicles.

Understanding how legal malpractice works

An attorney has a professional obligation to advocate for your best interest. When an attorney fails to do so, the outcome of legal proceedings may leave you in a bind or literally cost you money. Thankfully, the remedy of legal malpractice may enable you to recoup what you have lost and hold that attorney accountable.

The alarming number of diagnostic errors in the ICU and ER

When a family member needs prompt medical help, you trust the team of doctors and nurses working in the emergency room (ER) will diagnose the condition and treat it properly. The same goes for the medical team that will attend to your loved one if he or she ends up in the intensive care unit (ICU).

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