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What exactly are temporary total disability benefits?

In a previous post, we began discussing how those left sidelined by a serious work injury can take considerable comfort from the fact that they are more than likely covered by the Maryland Workers' Compensation Act, which dictates that qualifying injured workers are entitled to much-needed work comp benefits depending upon their circumstances.

Will work comp benefits for firefighters ignite a legal battle?

There is no question that firefighting ranks as one of the single most dangerous occupations that a person can have. Indeed, this danger comes from the fact that firefighters are not only at a near-constant risk of suffering serious burn injuries or bodily harm while tending to fires and accidents, but also constantly exposed to dangerous chemicals and toxic fumes -- many of which are carcinogenic.

What exactly are temporary partial disability benefits?

If a worker suffers any sort of serious work-related injury that will keep them sidelined for any amount of time, they naturally have very pressing concerns about how they will make up for the time away. After all, the bank won't stop seeking to collect the mortgage payment, the power company won't just keep the power on for free and the food in the cupboards won't magically replenish itself.

Helping injured workers recover workers' compensation benefits

Going to work is not just a routine activity for most Maryland residents; it is also a necessary activity to earn a living to cover the costs associated with financial needs. While employers are required to take steps to address any health and safety issues in the work environment, workers unfortunately could suffer serious and even fatal injuries on-the-job.

Is my injury covered by work comp insurance? - III

In previous posts, our blog has discussed how injured workers here in Maryland should know that their ability to secure work comp benefits under their employer's work comp insurance depends upon whether they meet rather precise requirements set forth under state law.

Is my injury covered by work comp insurance?

From drafting a report and making client phone calls to manning a station on the assembly line and putting pallets where they belong, most employees -- regardless of their chosen field -- have only one concern during the typical workday: completing their assigned duties. In other words, the last thing on their minds is the possibility of suffering a serious work injury.

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