Rearview mirrors are for seeing behind you, not applying makeup

Published on Dec 1, 2016 at 8:35 pm in General Blogs.

We’ve all witnessed a lady at a stoplight touching up her lipstick or applying mascara. Maybe some of you have even done it yourself. You think to yourself; it’s okay so long as my vehicle isn’t moving. Technically, you’re just sitting there waiting for the light to turn so it’s not a big deal if you use that time to finish getting ready, right? Wrong. Accidents can occur whether you’re moving or not.

Putting makeup on is a form of distracted driving

Distracted driving happens when you’re engaging in any other activity while behind the wheel of a car.

Keep your rearview mirror adjusted to see behind you

When your mirror is adjusted so you can apply makeup, you are not able to see what’s going on behind you. If someone hits you from behind, you’re left with zero warning. Nobody can really prepare for a collision but if you see it coming and know there’s nothing you can do, you’re at least able to brace yourself for impact and hopefully keep from hitting anyone else.

The mirror on your visor is not a vanity mirror either. If you’re busy putting makeup on, you’re not paying attention to what’s happening around you.

It’s better to be late than injured

You’re in a panic because you’re running late, it was a rough morning getting the kids off to school and you didn’t have enough time to get ready. This makes for a stressful morning and leaves you cutting corners wherever you can to make up time but if you’re already going to be late, what’s an extra five minutes? It’s not worth putting yourself and others in danger just so you can finish getting ready.

Sorry officer, I just really needed that extra coat of mascara

Do you want to admit to the police that you weren’t paying attention when the accident occurred because you were busy applying makeup? Probably not.

Proceed with caution

When it comes down to it and you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle, your focus needs to be solely on the road, nowhere else.



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