AAA study examines whether Indian Head Highway’s reputation is deserved

Published on Jan 17, 2017 at 8:40 pm in General Blogs.

If you were to ask any resident of Prince George’s County to identify which major thoroughfares had the best overall traffic levels or best served as a shortcut from Point A to Point B, chances are good that you’d receive a host of different answers from area residents eager to demonstrate their knowledge of local roadways.

If you were to ask which major thoroughfares in the county were the most dangerous, however, chances are also good that you would receive a near universal response: Maryland 210.

Indeed, this roadway — known as Indian Head Highway — has earned a less than favorable reputation over the years, owing in large part to an infamous and utterly horrific accident back in 2008 when eight people lost their lives in a drag racing accident.

While some might question whether the highway’s poor reputation is still deserved, consider that a recently released examination of crash data from the Prince George’s County Police Department by AAA Mid-Atlantic found the following:

  • 14 motorists have lost their lives in accidents on Maryland 210 since 2013.
  • Four motorcyclists have lost their lives in accidents on Maryland 210 since 2013
  • Three pedestrians have lost their lives in accidents on Maryland 210 since 2013.

As to the reason why the three-lane highway running from Indian Head to Southeast Washington D.C. is so deadly, many in the area have blamed it on everything from dangerous driving practices and a lack of a law enforcement presence to an outdated road design and higher traffic levels owing to regional growth and the opening of MGM National Harbor.

Whatever the reasons, here’s hoping local and state officials take note of the AAA report and that we start to see real changes being undertaken along Indian Head Highway.

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