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Baltimore car accident lawyer
If you were injured in an auto collision and are getting pressured to settle early, you may benefit from legal advice. A Baltimore car accident lawyer from Belsky, Weinberg & Horowitz, LLC is ready to assist. Our law offices may be able to help you receive the financial compensation you’re entitled to.

By filing a personal injury lawsuit against the party that was negligent or reckless, you and your family may get peace of mind knowing the party who caused your car accident and injuries was held accountable for their actions.

When a victim is injured in a car accident and the issue of fault comes up, it’s common for the other driver’s insurance company to offer a settlement in hopes that the victim will not take legal action. These are the instances when hiring an auto accident attorney can be the most beneficial. Pursuing legal action will open an investigation. This will determine who was responsible for the car crash and which party is financially liable.

You deserve to get maximum compensation for your injuries when another negligent party caused the car wreck. While the legal process can seem difficult, you don’t have to handle it on your own.

Our firm is here in Baltimore, MD to help you determine if you’re eligible for compensation and fight for you to recover what you’re owed. We’re ready to speak with you and review your case to see if you have a valid legal claim and to help you find the best way to move forward.

Belsky, Weinberg & Horowitz, LLC Fights for Maryland Citizens

When innocent people are hurt because of the negligence of others, our Baltimore car accident lawyers are here to provide legal assistance and fight for injury victims to help them recover compensation that will help them move on from the auto accident. We understand how complex the claims process is and how it can be difficult to do on your own.

Our car accident attorneys will carefully investigate your case and find out how the accident has affected your life. With this knowledge, we can advocate for you and pursue maximum recovery. Get in touch with our office today for an obligation-free consultation.

As you’re handling treatment for your injuries, wondering about when you’re going to get back to work, and keeping up with your other financial responsibilities, you may want to settle early or not pursue compensation at all. But your car accident injuries were preventable and should not have happened in the first place.

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When our Baltimore car accident lawyers are at your side, you’ll know you have professionals representing your best interests. We’ve helped car accident victims recover fair compensation for their injuries in the past and we will work diligently to do the same for you.

Our personal injury attorneys are ready to answer your questions. If you or a loved one was harmed in a car accident, or you’re seeking more information on how our Baltimore auto accident attorney will protect your claim, continue reading. We’ll cover these topics:

Benefits of Filing an Injury Lawsuit

All drivers in the state of Maryland have a legal responsibility to not cause harm to others or make careless decisions. When a driver neglects this duty and an incident results which causes harm, they may be found negligent in court. With the help of an experienced Baltimore car accident lawyer, a successful settlement or verdict can let you receive compensation. Your car accident settlement can go towards the following expenses:

  • Lost income
  • Past, current, and future medical bills
  • Homecare costs
  • Continued care costs
  • Property damage costs
  • Pain and suffering costs
  • Loss of consortium

Because everyone’s car accident case is unique, other items may apply to your case that you can receive compensation for. Our auto accident attorneys know each client will have a specific set of circumstances. We understand that no two car accident lawsuits are the same.

Belsky, Weinberg & Horowitz, LLC is a law firm that takes pride in treating our clients with the individuality and respect they deserve. When we’re representing you, we’ll be at your side every step of the way. You’ll know we will take everything into account in order to maximize your compensation.

It takes a team of skilled personal injury lawyers to assess how a car accident happened, how you were injured, and how you will continue to feel the effects of the injuries. We’ll compile evidence gathered at the scene, from reports of the accident, and from your medical records to get the full value of what you lost and are eligible to recover.

A successful lawsuit sends a powerful message to those responsible. A drunk driver may not get behind the wheel again after drinking when a victim files suit against them. Someone may think twice before increasing their speed to make a yellow light. Accident victims may additionally be able to file a personal injury lawsuit if criminal defense charges are already in place.

When someone’s negligence causes injuries that put your life on hold, you can take measures to make them answer for their actions and seek compensation for the damage they’ve caused.

Our Baltimore auto accident lawyers have seen the various ways people can sustain injuries when vehicles collide. Let’s discuss the kinds of accidents that occur in Baltimore, MD and elsewhere in Maryland and the injuries they can cause.

Common Types of Car Crashes in Baltimore, MD

Despite having access to advanced vehicle technology, we see more and more fatality-causing car accidents happen every year. As reported by the Maryland Department of Transportation, there were 51,182 people injured in collisions in Maryland during 2017. 557 people lost their lives. The total injuries and fatalities increased, compared to 2016 figures.

We also saw an increase in wrecks in Baltimore County and City. They had 11,050 car accidents that caused injuries. 108 were fatal. In total, almost 37% of all collisions in the state took place in Baltimore, MD.

The details of the kind of crash you were involved in will be important to your claim. These may indicate certain driving behaviors from the negligent driver, explain the injuries you sustained, and give insight into the damage that may have happened to your vehicle. There are many kinds of accidents that can occur. Among the types of collisions that occur in large urban cities, these are most common:

  • Rear-end – When a driver doesn’t see a car stopping or slowing in front of them, they can crash into them from behind. Usually, the negligent driver isn’t paying attention to the road. They either crash without looking up or look at the last second but do not have the time to avoid the accident.
  • Sideswipe – This is when two vehicles hit each other from the side, often when trying to change lanes at the same time. These can cause dangerous situations when drivers attempt to overcorrect their steering to remain in their lanes.
  • T-bone – When two vehicles hit each other while going in different directions, that is a broadside collision, and often referred to as a T-bone crash.
  • Single-vehicle wreck – These only involve one driver. They often occur in parking lots. Negligent drivers may not have full control of their vehicle—such as having one hand on the steering wheel. If they lose control, they could strike an object on the side of the road, like a telephone pole.

While those accidents above may be typical for urban areas like Baltimore, there are still other kinds of car accidents that happen. If you don’t recognize any of the accidents above, you may have been involved in one of the types below:

  • Head-on collision – This is when the front of both cars collide. These types of car accidents often result in severe injuries and fatalities. A head-on collision can happen when someone is unknowingly going the wrong way on a highway or loses control of their vehicle and crosses into oncoming traffic.
  • Rollover – If someone takes a turn too quickly or hits debris on the road that lifts the car, the vehicle can fall to its side. The roof of the car can crumple during a rollover and the driver can sustain serious injuries. Once the car is rolling, there is little the driver can do to regain control of the vehicle.
  • Multi-vehicle – This can happen in long lines of traffic on a highway or in the city. If there’s a line of cars waiting and a negligent driver strikes the end of the line, the momentum can make the vehicles hit the ones in front of them, resulting in multiple injuries and damages.
  • Hit-and-run – A hit-and-run may happen in a parking lot but can also occur on any roadway. When a hit-and-run driver causes a car accident, they illegally flee the scene.

Regardless of the type of wreck you were in, hiring a Baltimore car accident lawyer from Belsky, Weinberg & Horowitz, LLC is the best way to determine how and why the accident occurred. Reaching out to experienced personal injury lawyers is also the best way to find out about your legal options.

Common Causes of Car Wrecks in Baltimore

In examining the reasons why most auto accidents occur, there are a handful of factors that rise to the top. Here are some of the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents in and around Baltimore, MD:

Disregarding Traffic Laws

Traffic laws exist for our own safety. Maryland has some unique laws that govern how drivers in our state should make decisions. Allowing pedestrians to cross when they have the right of way, coming to a complete stop at stop signs, and slowing down at yellow lights are all actions of a safe driver following the law. Negligent drivers may ignore these laws and cause serious accidents.

Drunk Driving

When a driver gets behind the wheel after drinking too much alcohol, they’re placing everyone’s lives at risk. A person’s ability to operate a vehicle declines once they’ve had alcohol.

At certain levels, the driver will have trouble concentrating, tracking moving objects, making decisions, and staying awake on the road. Veering from their lane and hitting other vehicles, people, or fixed objects is much more likely.

Despite the serious consequences of intoxicated driving like license suspension or revocation, drunk drivers still decide to get behind the wheel of a car every day.

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Distracted Driving

When people drive, they may try to accomplish other tasks. However, it’s impossible to safely multitask while driving. A driver doing anything other than focusing on driving is distracted. Many car accidents happen every year because of distracted driving.

Maryland saw 57,099 crashes where a distracted driver was involved in 2018. This surpasses the total of crashes for years past. Overall, distracted drivers contributed to 18,102 injury crashes and 176 fatal crashes. In those auto accidents, 27,961 people were injured, and 189 people lost their lives.

It’s important to know what defines distracted driving. Some drivers may have been driving while distracted and do not realize how they’re putting themselves and others in danger. According to the CDC, there are three main types of distractions:

  • Visual
  • Cognitive
  • Manual

A driver is visually distracted when they take their eyes off the road. This could include looking at something in the car or focusing on something occurring outside of the car. Often, these outer distractions can cause rubbernecking.

Cognitive distractions are when the driver’s mind is taken off driving. If they’re thinking about what they’re going to do at work that day, the errands they need to run, or is more focused on singing along with their music, they’re not thinking about the vehicles they’re driving near and anticipating their movements.

Drivers need to keep both hands on the wheel to maintain control of the vehicle. A manual distraction will take one or both hands off the wheel. Reaching for objects or food are some examples of manual distractions.

A distraction can be a combination of the types above. For example, the cell phone is often the biggest and most common distraction for drivers. Many drivers fail to resist the urge to check their phone while they’re on the road.


Driving too fast or slowly can lead to an accident. Speeding caused 9,378 deaths nationwide in 2018. In Maryland, driver speed contributed to 10,635 crashes. Of those collisions, 3,250 crashes resulted in injury and 71 crashes were fatal. 4,682 people were injured, and 76 people lost their lives.

Reckless Driving

Driving recklessly, a behavior often referred to as “road rage,” can cause a car accident. The Maryland Department of Transportation reported 4,304 total traffic accidents. 1,509 caused injuries and 28 car crashes caused fatalities. In total, aggressive driving caused 2,545 people to sustain injuries and 50 fatalities in 2018.

Some drivers let their emotions get the best of them. When people are driving in Baltimore County, traffic congestion and slow progress can put them in a poor mood. While there’s never an excuse for reckless driving, many drivers succumb to these emotions and put other people at risk of injury in a car accident.

Disregarding Traffic Conditions or Weather

Poor traffic conditions and inclement weather are both “high risk” situations. An auto accident may result if precautions aren’t taken during these circumstances. If you’re caught in heavy traffic or driving during a high-traffic time like rush hour, remain alert, maintain the speed limit, and be prepared for stops.

Winter weather often creates many road hazards. Ice and snow reduce a tire’s grip on the road. Cars are in danger of sliding or becoming stuck in the snow.

Neglecting Car Maintenance

Ignoring car maintenance means you could experience an issue on the road. Mechanics could catch problems with brakes, steering, or your engine.

You can prevent the above situations by practicing safe driving habits. But while you may take safety precautions, it doesn’t always mean others will. When a car crash results due to reckless actions, you may want to consider contacting a car accident lawyer.

Common Car Accident Injuries

While serious car accidents result in many different types of injuries, some are more common than others. These injuries include but are not limited to:

Back injuries

If you’ve suffered a back injury, you could have a sprain, herniated disc, or fractured vertebrae. Spinal cord injuries can result in paralysis. There are different kinds of spinal cord injuries: complete and incomplete. In a complete injury, all feeling and function from the injury site down are lost. In an incomplete injury, there is limited function and mobility below the injury site.

Depending on where the injury site is, loss of function or feeling could result in a number of ways. Lower spinal cord injuries can affect the function of your organs and limbs from the waist down. If the spinal cord injury is up higher, you could also lose function of arms and your trunk. These injuries can change a person’s life forever and they’ll need specialized care.

Soft tissue injuries like whiplash

When someone’s head is jerked back and forth, they can sustain neck injuries like whiplash. Whiplash is a common car accident injury and can harm intervertebral joints, discs, ligaments, cervical muscles, and nerve roots. While neck pain can indicate whiplash, other symptoms like neck stiffness, headaches, dizziness, and shoulder pain are also signs of whiplash.

Whiplash isn’t the only type of soft tissue injury you can sustain. Sprains and strains can affect your back, arms, wrists, legs, and ankles.

Your auto accident lawyer in Baltimore may have helped others in the past who have dealt with soft tissue injuries. We can explain the importance of listening to the doctor and letting your injuries heal so you don’t put your car accident claim in jeopardy.

Head and brain injuries

The sudden crash can create a force that makes your head move in unnatural ways or hit objects in the car, like the steering wheel or window. This could result in a head injury or traumatic brain injury (TBI). These injuries can affect how people think, have physical and emotional symptoms, and disrupt sleep cycles.

Having difficulty thinking, concentrating, remembering new information, and feeling slow are all symptoms of a TBI that affect the mind. Feeling irritable, nervous, sad, and anxious are also signs of a brain injury. Physically, a person may have headaches, blurred vision, feel dizzy, have nausea or vomit, difficulty with balancing, feel sensitive to noise or light, and have a lack of energy. Issues with sleep can be different—some may experience sleeping more, sleeping less, or have issues with falling asleep.

A mild TBI is also called a concussion. If someone has a concussion, they should still be seen by a doctor to make sure nothing is amiss. Then, they can recommend a treatment plan to treat the concussion. They may say the person should rest and avoid physical activity to allow the brain to heal. Slowly and gradually, the person can increase their activity level and return to school or work when the symptoms are mild and almost nonexistent.

Lacerations and abrasions

These injuries are common in auto accidents. Lacerations are typically more severe than abrasions. These occur when something tears the skin and creates deep wounds. An abrasion is when layers of skin are scraped off.

Permanent damage can occur in some cases, resulting in nerve damage, scarring, and pain. When someone is treating severe lacerations, the medical costs can be high.

Internal injuries

Internal injuries, such as organ damage or internal bleeding, are critical injuries that can occur in a car accident. When someone sustains an internal injury, certain organs may be unable to properly function. These require immediate medical care.

It’s important to know internal injuries can occur in a minor car accident. In some cases, car accident victims may not know they have internal injuries. If they believe they are fine and don’t seek treatment, the injuries can worsen and be fatal. This is why having medical professionals evaluate your health after an accident is vital to protecting your well-being.

Broken bones

Car accidents can result in crushed, broken, and fractured bones. When this happens, the victim can be in intense pain. A broken bone can puncture organs and cause internal bleeding and they can break through the skin, exposing the wound to bacteria and germs. When the skin breaks, the injury is called an open or compound fracture.

Burn injuries

You may not expect a burn injury to occur because of a car accident. However, they are possible. If the crash causes something in the car to ignite, the flames could cause burn injuries.

A first-degree burn occurs when the outer layer of the skin is damaged. The area could be red or blistered. While these likely don’t need immediate medical treatment, you should always mention all your injuries to your doctor.

Second-degree burns are where medical attention will be needed. The outer layer and the layer underneath the skin are damaged. If pieces of the road like gravel or debris get into the wound, they can cause an infection. Your doctor will need to clean the wound and close it and bandage it.

Third-degree burns are when the burn reaches the bone and tissue underneath the skin. These injuries can be life-threatening.

Emotional trauma

After a car accident, many people are typically focused on their physical injuries. They’re worried about the damage done, what it will take to heal, and how soon they can get their lives back to normal. However, experiencing a traumatic event can have other effects. Emotional trauma may be a part of a victim’s recovery and it’s just as important as treating the physical wounds.

Catastrophic injuries

Hospitalization and treatment are likely to be in your future if you’ve sustained any of the above injuries. Some injuries could need months of recovery, while others may have more life-changing consequences. In some cases, the injuries could be catastrophic. A catastrophic injury means the person can no longer perform gainful work.

Other signs of a catastrophic injury include an injury that causes permanent disability, has a significant effect on the body’s systems and functions, or causes painful, fatal injuries. If someone suffers a traumatic brain injury, a severe burn, or an injury that causes a disability, they may be unable to return to the workforce and will therefore suffer from lost wages.

Someone who has a catastrophic injury may require medication, medical equipment, or rehabilitation as part of their recovery process. For accident victims of a car crash with catastrophic injuries, the amount of medical expenses they have to pay will likely be tremendous.

What Should You Do After a Car Accident in Baltimore?

Right after an accident, you’re likely going to be in a state of shock. While feeling shaken is completely normal, it’s vital to remain calm. When you have a clear head, you can take steps to protect yourself, others involved in the crash, and your future.

Take the following steps after a traffic accident:

  • Make sure medical care is on the way – Call 911 even if you’re unsure of the extent of everyone’s injuries. It’s a good idea to have emergency personnel on-scene to make sure all parties get the care they need. When there’s significant property damage or injury, you also must notify the police. They will need to issue a police accident report.
  • Move your vehicle if possible – Your vehicle may be blocking the roadway and causing a traffic jam. If you’re able and it’s safe to do so, move your car to the side of the road. However, if you notice smoking or leaking fluid, do not get into the car. There’s a chance something has broken, and the car is now a fire hazard. Move away from the vehicle and assist others with getting away from the vehicle if possible.
  • Get contact information – Before the other driver leaves the scene, make sure to get their contact information. Write down information about their vehicle. Be careful not to mention blame or fault to the other driver at any point.
  • Take photographs – Take pictures at the scene of the accident. This can include photos of the damage your car sustained, the other driver’s car, and any distinguishing features about the scene, like evidence of an obscured road sign or road debris.
  • Get witness information – If any witnesses are there, ask them if they’re willing to give an account of what happened. Ask for their contact information if they agree.
  • Contact your insurer – Your insurance company will need to know the details of the accident. You’ll likely have to meet with one or more insurance adjusters at some point. Be careful to not agree to any early settlements if you’re weighing your legal options. You can tell them that the accident is currently under investigation.
  • Medical evaluation. Seeing a doctor after your injury is imperative. While you may have been seen by emergency personnel, you should still get an evaluation from your doctor. When you see your doctor, tell them everything that’s bothering you. Your doctor needs all the information so they can correctly assess your injuries, start treatment, and ensure the necessary medical documentation gets completed.
  • Contact a Baltimore car accident lawyer – This is when you’ll want to contact an accident lawyer if you have any questions. A lawyer from Belsky, Weinberg & Horowitz, LLC can tell you about the compensation you’re entitled to and your possible legal options.
  • Stay off social media –Most people have multiple social media accounts where they post regularly about events in their life or their thoughts. After a car accident, someone may post about the car accident—even if it’s just to give the update they’re okay. However, the best way to protect your claim when social media is involved is to refrain from posting. If you’re talking about what happened, the insurance company could see it as evidence that you’re not as hurt as you’re claiming. You may even post a detail they could use against you later.

How Maryland Determines Liability After a Car Accident

The state establishes the laws for determining collision liability. Understanding the laws of the General Assembly of Maryland is crucial to building a strong case for yourself. Your personal injury lawyer will have a comprehensive understanding of the laws and be able to explain what applies to your claim.

According to Maryland’s negligence laws, there are three ways a crash victim can seek compensation. They can file an injury claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company, file a lawsuit directly against the at-fault driver, or file a claim with their own insurance company.

No matter how a person chooses to file, they will need to prove without a doubt that the other driver was completely responsible for the accident. With the help of the right Baltimore car accident lawyer, the injury claim can prove the at-fault party owed a duty of care to the other party. They breached that duty and injured the other party, and there is a direct correlation between the breach and the injuries.

In general, there are three types of negligence states use to determine liability. They include comparative, modified comparative, and contributory. Maryland is one of the few states that follows a pure contributory negligence rule. This means that if you are at fault for any part of the accident, you cannot recover damages.

What Happens If I’m Partially At-Fault for a Crash?

In many states, victims are able to claim damages for the percentage of the accident they were not at fault for. For example, a person who is only 10 percent at fault for an auto accident can seek 90 percent of the damages.

As mentioned above, however, Maryland abides by pure contributory negligence. If the at-fault party is able to prove you were in any way responsible for the crash, your right to seeking compensation will be forfeited. As a result, you’ll be forced to deal with the ramifications of the accident on your own.

The only way to avoid a situation is to hire a Maryland personal injury attorney who can thoroughly investigate your case and prove that you were not in the wrong when the incident occurred. A big part of this proof lies in the evidence.

When first speaking to insurance adjusters immediately after the accident, however, be careful not to admit fault until the details of the investigation are known.

Using Evidence to Prove Liability

Gathering as much evidence as possible is key to determining liability in a car accident. The first place to look is the scene of the accident. Physical evidence can fade over time, but the photographs you or your lawyer took of the crash can help preserve evidence.

After the scene has been evaluated, your Baltimore car accident attorney will help you gather evidence of damages and communicate with your insurance company about their findings. This will include any losses you’ve incurred including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

They’ll look at your medical records to see what kind of injuries you sustained, what’s involved in your treatment, and how long your expected recovery time will be. You can also keep count of how many days of work you’ve missed and may continue to miss. Specific connections between the accident and the losses need to be made in order to prove fault.

Our Baltimore car accident lawyers will analyze the evidence and show the other party acted negligently, and their actions caused an accident that resulted in your wrongful injury. If they had not acted negligently, you would have not been harmed.

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Why Is Determining Liability Complicated?

There are a number of factors that can complicate determining fault after a wreck. Gathering evidence, speaking with witnesses, and obtaining medical records and police reports can take a long time. After that’s all compiled, building it into a strong case can take even longer.

If both drivers say they did nothing wrong, it complicates the matter further. While it’s unlikely the at-fault driver will admit guilt right away, this only lengthens how long it takes to settle the claim. It’s also more difficult to determine who’s at fault when more than two vehicles are involved. When that happens, it’s best to hire an accident reconstructionist who will be able to determine how the accident occurred from start to finish.

It’s important to remember there’s a possibility the at-fault party wasn’t at the accident scene in the first place. While you may think the other driver is the one who caused the accident, they may also be a victim of negligence. If their vehicle had a defective auto part, like tires or brakes, that malfunctioned while they were driving, it could have been what led to them losing control of the vehicle and causing the accident.

Determining fault is difficult when an insurance company gets involved because insurance companies often only take actions that support their best interests. The adjuster can ask loaded questions to victims and make it seem like their injuries are not as bad as they claim. They may even try to skew the person’s recollection of the accident to support it being their fault, even if it clearly wasn’t.

Hiring a car accident lawyer can help you avoid the confusion and frustration of dealing with an insurance company that may be treating you or your case unfairly.

What Happens After You File a Car Wreck Claim in Baltimore, MD?

After you meet you with your car accident attorney for a free consultation and they accept your case, they will take the steps to gather all the necessary facts, information, and evidence. They will make sure you’re comfortable with every step. A reputable attorney will do everything they can to keep clients informed about their personal injury cases.

When a Baltimore car accident attorney accepts your case, the following steps will happen:

  • You will sign a contract during an in-person interview. During this time, your lawyer will start an investigation of the case. This includes gathering evidence such as any reports filed, any surveillance footage or logs, or any witness testimony. The purpose of this investigation is to determine fault as well as the extent of the damages suffered.
  • The defendant (the party you’re filing the personal injury claim against) will be notified about the claim. Your personal injury lawyer will also inform your insurance company and the defendant’s insurance company. They may decide to handle all insurance company matters going forward. You may be told to refer any insurers to your car accident lawyer.
  • Your car accident injury lawyer will get a final medical report. This will contain details about the extent of your car accident injuries as well as your prognosis. This information determines what type of compensation, often referred to as damages, you’re eligible for. Compensation-related damages fall into two categories:
    • Compensatory damages – These account for losses that are quantifiable and often broken down into economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages can include losses such as hospital and medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. Non-economic damages refer to losses like pain and suffering, which are more difficult to quantify but can still be proven.
    • Punitive damages – These are rare in the state of Maryland and go above and beyond compensatory damages. They’re generally only rewarded when the judge and/or jury feels that wrongdoings must be punished.
  • Your car accident attorneys send a demand letter to the defendant. This details your injuries, the facts surrounding the investigation, and the details about the monetary damages you’re seeking. Mediation may take place to negotiate terms. If the defendant agrees to the terms, you may receive an early, fair settlement. A significant portion of all car accident claims settles early.
  • If an agreeable resolution isn’t possible, the car accident lawsuit will proceed to litigation. Eyewitnesses and expert witnesses are called upon. This is when the case will proceed to trial.

Every case may not follow the exact steps outlined above. Extra requirements may be necessary depending on the unique needs of your case. Your personal injury law firm will give you a detailed account of what will happen and when.

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When you’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence, you deserve the chance to hold them accountable for their actions and receive compensation for the pain they’ve caused. You deserve a Baltimore car accident lawyer who is prepared to handle all insurance company matters for you and make your life easier.

The legal process can take time and may require more than negotiating a settlement. While we’re assisting you with your case, it may come to a point where you need to take the case to court to get fair compensation for what you’ve been through. This may seem like a long process, but when the other side isn’t willing to negotiate or is offering an unfair settlement that won’t help you cover the losses of the car accident, going to court is your next option.

If you were injured in a car crash in Maryland, our Baltimore car accident lawyers are on your side. If you have any questions or would like to meet with us, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Maryland personal injury firm today. Belsky, Weinberg & Horowitz, LLC offers zero-obligation personal injury consultations at no cost. Our law firm is committed to offering our legal services to injured victims and their families.



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