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Head injuries are more common in car crashes than in sports

In the past few years, concussions and other brain injuries suffered by football players have been much in the news. However, football and other contact sports are in the minority in terms of causing serious brain damage.

Vehicle accidents are at fault for many more cases of traumatic brain injury across the country.

Deadly motor vehicle accident involved off-duty police officer

Police officers here in Maryland and its surrounding areas risk their lives daily in the performance of their duties. Each of them understands the hazards and dangers they could face when they put on their uniforms, but that does not stop them from doing so. For this reason, it often seems more tragic when a police officer loses his or her life in a motor vehicle accident while off duty.

Recently, an off-duty police officer who works in the nation's capital suffered such a fate. As he rode his motorcycle on a Maryland road, another vehicle suddenly moved into his lane. The abrupt movement caused the officer's motorcycle to topple, and he went down with it. That might have been the end of it, except that the officer fell into the oncoming lane of travel where another vehicle struck him.

Motor vehicle accident turns deadly around afternoon rush hour

Maryland roads are often always busy. However, during rush hour, the concentration of vehicles increases dramatically. Along with the increase in vehicles, there also comes an increase in the potential for a motor vehicle accident. Even a seemingly minor mistake could lead to catastrophe.

However, a big mistake led to man's death in a recent crash that took place on a Maryland road at approximately 5:30 p.m. The driver of a pickup truck somehow allowed his vehicle to cross over into oncoming traffic directly into the path of another vehicle. The driver of the second vehicle, a pickup truck as well, was unable to avoid the resulting head-on collision. The mail truck behind the second pickup could not stop in time to avoid becoming involved in the accident.

What is a "premises liability" personal injury case?

Can you really sue if you are injured on someone else’s property? Yes and no. The legal doctrine of premises liability makes property owners responsible under certain circumstances.

If you were trespassing or caused your own injury, you would be out of luck. But if the property created or ignored a safety hazard, you may be able to bring a claim for damages.

Fame doesn't make a doctor immune to medical malpractice

Maryland fans of reality television may be familiar with a show entitled, "My 600-lb Life" that profiles morbidly obese people as they go through their weight loss journeys. As part of the show, their care is overseen by Dr. Nowzaradan, referred to on the show as Dr. Now, who also performs weight-loss procedures on his patients as part of their care. Patients are painfully aware of the possible risks involved in the surgery, but many of them probably did not realize the danger could come from Dr. Now who is currently facing a medical malpractice claim from one of his patients.

Both the doctor and the clinic out of which he works are named in the suit, which was filed in Sept. 2017. The former patient alleges that Dr. Now failed to remove tubing and a stainless steel connector inside the patient following surgery to repair a hiatal hernia and remove a gastric band system two years prior to that date. Just days thereafter, the patient began experiencing excruciating abdominal pressure and pain.

Rear-end motor vehicle accident becomes more than a fender bender

Rear-end collisions bring up images of cars bumping into each other at stop lights or when traffic comes to an unexpected standstill during rush hour. Many of these fender benders cause more in property damage than they do in injuries, but that is not always the case. A rear-end motor vehicle accident can become much more than just a fender bender, depending on the circumstances.

For instance, two vehicles headed in the same direction on Maryland 273 recently collided. Before all was said and done, three vehicles were involved and one person was dead with two others injured. Preliminary reports from troopers with the Maryland State Police indicate that two vehicles were traveling westbound when the lead car slowed down to make a left turn. The vehicle behind it failed to stop and crashed into the back of the lead vehicle. The impact violently shoved the first car into the eastbound lane where it was hit by another vehicle.

Could drivers who cause accidents be suffering from concussion?

Recent research indicates that a concussion can impair driving skills long after the person has “recovered.”

Among other findings, a study at the University of Georgia indicated that post-concussion drivers lacked vehicle control. This could contribute to a car crash causing serious injury to you or a family member.

Legal malpractice: Did your attorney do something improper?

If you are like most people here in Maryland and elsewhere, you probably contact an attorney because you have a problem that requires his or her experience. You trust that your best interests remain a priority and your case will be resolved in the best manner possible. Unfortunately, like those in other professions, mistakes can happen. The question is whether that mistake constituted legal malpractice and caused you economic harm.

The threshold for proving that malpractice occurred is high. You will need to show that your attorney was incompetent or otherwise acted negligently or fraudulently. However, that is not enough. You must also show that you suffered financial harm as a direct result.

Disastrous bridge collapse illustrates construction hazards

The collapse of the newly constructed pedestrian bridge at Florida International University is a horrifying example of the unexpected failure of a massive structure.

Within 24 hours of the incident, the number of fatalities was still unclear. The bridge collapse not only posed danger to people in the immediate vicinity, but also to rescue workers and emergency responders who arrived on the scene.

Truck accident blamed on drowsy driving

Working long hours, family obligations and other circumstances can make it difficult to get adequate sleep. Most Maryland residents can recall at least one time when they felt tired all day long due to sleep deprivation, but still had to get on with their lives, which may have included driving. An extra cup of coffee, soda or energy drink may have provided enough alertness to get through the day, but they probably were not on the road all day. What about the trucker who struggles to stay awake while driving all day? No amount of caffeine can erase the increased potential for a truck accident.

A recent crash investigated by troopers with the Maryland State Police illustrates just how dangerous this can be. A trucker fell asleep and crashed into another big rig. He managed to escape the wreckage before a fire broke out, but that does not excuse his behavior. No one may have been seriously hurt in this incident, but far too many people lose their lives to drowsy truckers here and across the country.

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