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Thousands of hardworking people are injured and even killed each year because of construction accidents. While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has worker deaths in American down from about 38 a day in 1970 to 14 a day in 2016, construction accidents still happen too often.

Our knowledgeable Baltimore construction accident lawyers at Belsky, Weinberg & Horowitz understand that even the safest of laborers are at risk for injury because of what they do. We’re ready to represent you, help you seek the compensation you deserve, and hold the liable party accountable for your injuries.

Common Types of Construction Accidents  

Of the 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries that take place every year, approximately 150,000 of them take place in the construction industry. There are a variety of reasons these accidents happen:

  • Falls. Falls are the most common reason for construction accidents. This can happen when laborers fall from scaffolding, ladders, and other work equipment.      
  • Falling objects. If a tool isn’t properly secured, there’s a chance it will fall and strike someone.
  • Equipment related accidents. Heavy machinery can be dangerous or fail when not used correctly. Proper training and equipment care are necessary to avoid these accidents.
  • Back-overs and Caught-in/betweens. Construction workers run the risk of being crushed or run over by large vehicles or trapped in collapsed buildings.  
  • Fires and Explosions. When construction sites contain hazardous materials and flammable chemicals, there’s the chance for a fire or explosion.  
  • High Lead levels. According to the CDC, between 2002-2008 construction workers were found to be part of the 16 percent of the population with elevated blood lead concentration levels. Unsafe work practices can lead to unnecessary exposure to lead.  

Causes of Construction Injuries

Construction-related injuries vary depending on the accident; however, some trends can be identified:

  • Amputations. Fingers, toes, or limbs may need to be amputated in the event they are crushed and cannot be surgically repaired.
  • Broken Bones. Broken bones are common when people and objects fall.
  • Burns. Burns occur when dangerous, flammable materials and chemicals are mishandled.
  • Eye Injuries. Eye injuries occur when toxic chemicals are handled incorrectly.
  • Hearing Loss. Heavy machinery is very loud. Without the proper ear protection, hearing loss can occur.
  • Heat Stroke. Heat stroke is more common in the summer months when construction workers are outside for long periods of time without staying hydrated.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries. Traumatic brain injuries can occur when workers or object fall.

Causes of Construction Fatalities

According to the United States Department of Labor, in 2016 21.1 percent of worker fatalities were in construction – that more than one in five.

Excluding highway collisions, the leading causes for deaths in the construction industry were falls, being struck by an object, getting electrocuted, and getting caught or crushed in or under something. These accidents labeled the “Fatal Four,” were responsible for 63.7 percent of all construction worker deaths in 2016:

  • Falls.  Falls accounted for 38.7 percent of construction-related deaths. As a result, investigations found violations with fall protection training and usage, and scaffolding and ladder use.
  • Struck by an object. 9.4 percent of construction fatalities occurred when someone was struck by an object. This occurred because of violations with fall protection, as well as issues with hazard communication.
  • Electrocution. Electrocution accounted for 8.3 percent of accidental construction fatalities. Faults were found with electrical wiring methods, components, and equipment.
  • Caught-in/between. The caught-in/between category accounts for the construction workers who were killed when compressed by equipment or objects, and struck, caught, or crushed in collapsing structures or equipment. These accidents caused 7.3 percent of construction-related deaths.

How do Construction Accident Claims in Maryland Work?

Construction accident claims are not uncommon in Maryland. In the event that you suffered from a construction accident injury in Maryland and are injured, you may be able to seek workers’ compensation. To fill out the claim, you’ll need to provide your name, address, time and place of your injury, and the nature and cause of your injury. You’ll need to inform your employer of within 10 days of your injury happening. Once this is submitted you will be able to begin the process of seeking compensation.

Depending on your injury, you may receive a financial award for your medical bills and expenses and for lost wages.

How a Baltimore Construction Accident Lawyer Can Help

Our dedicated Maryland construction accident attorneys are ready to represent you and help you get the compensation you deserve so you can focus on recovery and finding a new normal. If you or a loved one has been in a construction site accident, contact us for a free consultation or call us today at 410-234-0100 or 800-895-5333.



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